Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The New Door

The new door is massive. Like SUPER big. I can stand on my tip toes and reach for the sky without touching the top.

And I wanted to paint it. I wanted to paint it purple, to be precise.

My neighbor said, "Purple? Ya sure? Maybe you should start with something tamer. Sit on it for a year and make sure you want it purple."

Nah-- I need to go ahead and get on this. Eggplant? Dove's breath? Violet? Berry Bush? Wood Lilac? Obi Lilac? Husband said no. I said yes. He said no.

I said yes.

He said no.

I said, "Let's ask Yancey."

He said okay.

{Because surely the interior designer would not pick out a purple door. He felt secure in this statement.}

He was right. She didn't pick out a purple door.

She picked out a pink door. Salmon to be precise. And it is awesome!

He loves it.  Lie.

I don't know how Husband feels about it. Let's leave it at he loves me.

We are waiting on the doorbell, so there are some tools that are still out there. But, I've been working on the window boxes and our outdoor furniture. The front porch is going to be my favorite part of the house. It is decided.

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