Wednesday, February 22, 2017

We are doing it again

We closed on our house. I got the HUD document and there was a $40 difference between what we were expecting and what we got. I can roll with that. It felt gooooooooooood to go to the bank and make a deposit.

Real good.

We are still in the house for another two weeks and the question I hear most often is, "Have you started packing yet?" and my answer?

"Heck No. I'm paying someone to do that for me."

Yeah, we are those people. When we had movers pack and move us from Washington, D.C., Husband and I wondered why we had ever done it any other way. {Because we were a poor, poor resident's family}.

Those moves with my husband holding the dresser, mattresses, and mirrors while hanging off the back of a trailer as it turned on two wheels- those days are long gone. THANKYOUJESUS. Those moves where Brother is driving back and forth into the night and we are loading things into trash bags because the new owners take over the house the next day? Yes. Those days. G-O-N-E.

We close on the next house in about two weeks and will move in thereafter. It is a craftsman house and we won't have to do anything to the house; "have to" being the operative words in that statement. We are going to move the washer and dryer upstairs and install a tankless water heater in the pantry to give us more room. These are things that we think will improve our quality of life.

The light fixtures need replacing, having been dated to circa 1990 and there is some wallpaper in a small bathroom that needs taking down, but these are not things that have to be done immediately.

What we have to do immediately is take the profit from this house and write a FAT check to the student loans.

The new house has a front porch that runs the length of the house and the front door is 22 feet tall. Well, maybe not 22, but it is taller than I can reach on my tippy toes. And it has a mail slot. Bennie loved opening the slot and peeking out into the front yard. I want to make it a statement door, like purple. Husband said his friends would make fun of him if I did that. We will see who spends more time at the house.

There is an incredibly awkward screened in porch upstairs on the side of the house. It's going to be off the girls room and I am already dreaming of turning it into a sleeping porch for them come the spring and summer. We will take off the stairs from the side and maybe install a rope ladder for fun?

Two two bedrooms upstairs will be where the kids live and they will share the one bathroom up there.  Downstairs has another two bedrooms with a bathroom in between. We are going to make one room a very large closet for the immediate future until we decide to either live here longer than I lived at the sorority house or if we are going to move again.

Step one: Student Loans.
Step two: Put our touch on the house.

The fenced in backyard is screaming for a swing set and three little kids to run around finding rocks and flowers. There are all sorts of things that bloom back there, none of which I know about how to care for. Fingers crossed that they are self-sustaining kind of plants.

And the coolest? Oh, the kids are going to start walking to school. Our new neighbors up and down the street send their children to Parochial and it is less than a quarter of a mile from our new abode. Lots and lots of Birdie's schoolmates live around the new house and it a Catholic-centric area of town-- and it always has been. People over in this area move into the houses that their parents owned and houses do not go on the market very often or last for very long. It's a very unique place to live and we will be fortunate enough to call it home soon enough.

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Can't wait to read about your next adventure! -- nbb