Sunday, February 19, 2017

Our first together house

When Husband and I were first engaged, I owned a little condo and he owned a little house. Knowing that we would much rather live in his little house instead of my little condo, I called "Bob the Realtor" and asked him to list my condo. Our wedding came and went with my condo being no closer to sold. Realizing we needed to sell ONE piece of property, Husband put his house on the market. About a week later, I got a contract on my condo and called Husband.

"Praise the Lord, I just got a contract on my condo!"
"Are you serious?!"
"Yes! .... why?"
"Because I just got a contract on my house!"
"Oh dear."

Off we go to find a house. It seemed that everything we wanted was nothing we could afford and everything we could afford was nothing we wanted. We were told to either raise our price or lower our standards.

I was already in a panic about the $160,000 price point we had erroneously decided upon.

House after house... nothing after nothing. We put a contract down on a house for $130,000-- $30k off the asking price, but someone else did the same thing, except with an additional $30,000. Fortunate for us, we didn't get the house. It was broken into twice and the bathroom flooded in the three years we would have lived there.

Coming back from Charleston, SIL had just heard about a house that would be coming on the market and gave me the contact information. I called and the owner could only show it that afternoon before she went back out of town.

As soon as we pulled in the gravel driveway, I knew the house would be ours. It had two large bedrooms, a pink tiled bathroom, small kitchen, and a bucket of charm. That little craftsman house was perfect for our new marriage and happiness exuded from it.

On the brick front steps, Husband and I sat down with the other newly married couple that was relocating to North Carolina and hashed out a price and stipulations on the house.

Once again, we would be homeowners.

Let's fast forward through the next month, because we were nomads- living in the little house before moving into the little condo before moving into the craftsman home. We lived on floor mattresses, in suitcases, and ate more Lean Cuisines and a Cheerios than a newlywed should.

Amongst one of the conversations with the owner of our future house, I mentioned there would be about 5 days where we would be homeless. At this point, the house was vacant and she said we could go ahead and stay there.

Y'all-- we were squatters. There were two suitcases, an air mattress, a Boy Scout cot, a 32" TV and a cooler full of beer. During the day, we would go to work, looking very professional and not at all homeless, but at night....

Oh, at night.

Husband trekked to the gas station that was up the street and pick up a 12 pack of beer, a bag of ice, and two Lean Cuisines. We would sit on the floor, toast with our plastic forks and watch TV in t-shirts before I crawled onto my cot and he onto his twin air mattress. That first night, I discovered a quarter of the springs were sprung in my cot and Husband had a leak in the air mattress.

Beggars and squatters couldn't be choosers.

That first night we were so excited about our new house that we danced in the den with the windows open and music from our car. All the lights were on and there was not a stick of furniture in the house. We fell asleep around 9 or so and stayed that way for about 2 hours.


Somewhere in the night was a bird. A loud obnoxious, noisy, annoying bird that could not let me complete a thought without a SQUACKKKK!!!

Husband rolled over on his air mattress {HiSSSSSSS and more air escaped} and I rolled over on my Boy Scout cot {PING! went another coil}.

"Do you hear that?" I asked.
"Of course I freaking hear it."
"UGHHH. This is awful.'


Pass me a beer.
"Are you serious?" I ask.
Yes. If we are going to sleep, we are going to need some help.
"Fair enough."

Two beers later, we were back asleep through the SQUAKKKKSs.

That bird met Husband's pellet gun the next day and we slept like babies the next night.

We would close on three houses in 6 days and got to be on a first name basis with our closing attorney. Two and a half years later, we would be relocating to Washington, D.C. with our new baby and our perfect little home would be on the market for less than a week before going under contract.

The couple buying the house were where we were just a few years before: in a very, very good place.

Less one bird.

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