Saturday, November 26, 2016

Uncle Andy's

We went to Uncle Andy's on Wednesday before Thanksgiving to shoot guns and ride the land.

Riding the land is a farmer's pastime and I love riding the land, but considering I have not ridden the land in about, ohhhhh, 10 years- it was fun to hop on the back of the truck and get a little dusty.

What's 'The Land,' is a reasonable question, but the answer is always different. Wednesday, The Land was Uncle Andy's 200+ year old farm. It is the original piece of land from before the Revolutionary War. King George gave his family the land grant and, miraculously, the land has stayed in one piece and in the same family for all these years.

Think about that for a second-- my family couldn't even keep a set of silver together for fifty years. How much land he has is somewhere between 400 and 4,000 acres, I can't remember. I just know that I don't want to be in charge when it comes to pull weeds.

We pulled onto the moss covered drive....

And all the kids tumbled out of the car and into the freshly picked cotton fields.

The kids loaded up on the back of the truck and we were off.

Uncle Andy gave Daddy a project. A project in the form of an abandoned house on the property. If we fix it up, we can use it. Dad is pumped and ready to get moving. He asked me to take a before picture:

 I thought an inside picture or two would be cool... Per my father, this was the first phone in the county. Now, I love my father-- but he can spin a tall tale when he wants to. Let's just leave it at the fact it's an old phone:

They have their own church on the farm. We didn't see it this time, but I ass-U-me that this register is from their church. I'd like to see it sandblasted and hanging on the wall.

The house is in the middle of a field, maybe a wheat field?

Can't you envision the bon fires and cocktails? Grilled hamburgers and fresh picked corn? Oh, I can. All in good time and place. 

After seeing the old house, we headed over to the "red" barn. Let's not be confused-- it's not the blue barn, the stable, the silo, the new barn, or grain thing-y. It's the "red" barn.

And the red barn had some cool things inside...

Remember how I said Dad could spin a tall tale? When he saw this picture.......

He said that CD player on the right could be sold as an 8-track in the picture. I laughed and said the CD player was about as old as an 8-track these days. I don't think he found that nearly as funny as I did.

There was a Model A Ford, maybe a Model T Ford- either way, it was very cool.

Andy and his brother have a hobby of "wrenching" on old cars. They like to restore them in their spare time. Because, FYI- when farmers are in season, they're working sun up to sun down. But when they season is over, they don't have much to do.

I gathered, based on the cars, that Andy's brother enjoys working on old military cars, specifically from WWII, while Andy prefers old trucks.

Old farms have old things... like a 10 ton pontoon bridge from 1941. Ya know, because there are so many oceans around the middle of Georgia.

The girls had a blast riding in the back of the truck and wondering where the seatbelts are.

We all got dusty.

At one point, we stopped in the middle of an empty cotton field and Husband showed the girls what the different tracks were. FYI-- the ones that look like little hand prints are raccoons.

And big farms have big wheels.

Birdie wanted to trick people and make them think that a BIG raccoon lived on the farm, so she put her own hand prints down in the sandy ground.

After a quick stop in the sunflower field...

We rounded into the next cotton field and picked a little to bring home.

It was about this moment that Birdie put her head in my lap and said she wasn't tired. Bennie crawled into Husband's lap, found her dirt covered thumb in her mouth and closed her eyes. the quick spirit down the highway to get a little dusty had come to a close before the first skeet was tossed.

Next time.

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