Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pumpkin Carving

Getting around to pumpkin carving is something that seems to always happen on or around October 30th. We had a lovely Friday night, our little family of five. We carved and painted three pumpkins, put a bunch of sparkles on another and otherwise enjoyed the overheated October night. 

We like our pumpkins clean....

We had to say things like, "Bennie, don't run with sciss-- Bennie, don't dance with scissors. Bennie, stop dancing with scissors. No. No running with scissors. Bennie, put the paint down. Bennie, your brother is not a canvas."

Let the record show, my husband dressed my son. If it were me, he'd be in a smocked do-dah.

This picture is crazy blurry and should be erased... but want to draw attention to the white shirt that Bennie is wearing. 

That's a dirty shirt.

"Mama, let's google 'scary pumpkin carvings for Halloween'"

It was fun and reminded us that kids aren't always whining and complaining and getting corrected.

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The Marpepps! said...

I recognize that Ralph Lauren on that sweet boy! Also, have I mentioned that your children just take my breath away?! Because they do. I miss those sweet things.