Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Remember Yesterday?

I was thinking to myself how pleasantly quiet the house was last night. Perhaps, I might even go to bed early. Lights off and to the back, I head.... only to find my seven year old watching television in my bed.

Oh dear.

"Birdie. I'm not going to yell. I was perfectly clear that it was bedtime, was I not?"

"Yes m'am."

"Ok. No exceptions. Go to bed, right now."

"But, Mom-EEEEEEE"

"No. I was perfectly clear."

That's how the night closed down.

Somewhere in the pre-dawn hours, that same seven year old made her way back to my room to snuggle. I let it slide. 

This morning, the younger two slept in, I only had to sternly correct {read: not quite a yell} Birdie once and there was minimal whining. Minimal? Okay, maybe not minimal, but there was less than normal. 

One kid needed a bath upon waking up and his patio door is currently wide open with the fan blowing maximum speed. And a friend picked up Birdie so Bennie could sleep in. 

We are currently outside- Birdie at school, Bennie and Fuzzy in the pool and I am getting a little grant writing done. The music is up, the air is starting to warm and the day is good. 

The day is great. 

I have a goal this school year-- I have left my blog by the wayside of recent and I hate that. I hate that I haven't made it a priority. On the other hand, my family, my brother, my work, my husband, my house... those things have become a priority instead. Why can't I balance it all?

So, my goal... I'm going to work to entertain you more. I am going to work to post more. 

Like today, today is a good day. 

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