Thursday, August 11, 2016

It's safe to say she's having fun

Birdie has had a band aid on her fore head since about hour 2.3 of camp. I dropped her off and was hardly in the driveway before the camp number popped up on caller id. Before picking up, I wondered if she had figured out how to burn the place down and we were going to be on the hook for a hefty arson bill.

Nah-- she was sliding into the lake and some kid hit her, open mouthed and the three front braces of her teeth implanted themselves in Birdie's forehead.


I laughed. And laughed. And laughed... because I knew she was having fun {and it was kinda funny}. They sent me a picture, I told them to keep Neosporin on it and let her keep having fun.

I have stalked the online pictures, at least three times a day to scour them. I want to see my first born and the activities she is dominating, the fun she is having, and the adventures she is creating for herself. The first picture I saw was not the little girl I dropped off, rather it was a teenager. Ok, that's an exaggeration-- but she didn't look so young anymore. She looked older, smarter, and ready for things like boyfriends and driver's licenses.

This is the kid who is afraid of heights, anything with more legs than she has, and green beans. She's on a zip-line, about a million feet in the air.... zipping!

Today, I was talking to Husband on the phone while flipping through the catalog of this morning's day.

"Wait... I think she has a black eye," I say to Dr. Dad.
"Wait, does she? Yep... she totally has a black eye."
He laughs. I laugh.

see it? She either has a black eye or is really tired. Either way = she's had fun.

"She needs more band-aids and black eyes." That meaning that she needs to get out and experience life. She needs some bruises. We need not hold her hand anymore. She's ready for more independence and less the opposite.

"You haven't heard the half of it. I got an email today after the email about pick-up tomorrow about an adventure her cabin had on Tuesday night. Apparently, they tucked themselves in but had yet to fall asleep when a bat came in out of nowhere and terrorized them. Her cabin had a spend-the-night party at the Wishing Well."

He laughs again. I laugh harder.

"She's having fun, isn't she?" He asked. I could hear the pride in his voice our baby, no longer a baby- working herself into the woman she will soon become.

I dropped off my baby on Sunday and will be picking up my daughter tomorrow. I cannot wait to hear about it.

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