Saturday, July 16, 2016

Let's not leave out the shirts

We doubled our budget-- I can't deny that. Up and down I loved not having a car payment....

But not quite as much as I love my new car.

It's ... swanky.
It's ... sexy.
It's decadent. Definitely decadent.

I looked at Tahoes, Denalis, Infinitis.... I even looked at Minivans when I got discouraged. Turns out, buying a car is not for me. I started to justify staying in my un-air-conidtioned car. August will be hot, but Hometown cools down about October-- that's only 75 days away.

When I discussed this idea with Husband, he said, "Hey- let's pop in here."

Here-- here being the Lexus dealership.

Salesman was ready for us. He tossed the keys at me and said, "Take it out to Grovetown. Go eat lunch on me. See what you think."

I looked at Husband. He nodded and off we went in this sexy white Lexus with *hear my words* air conditioned seats. Until this moment, I never knew I needed seats with air conditioning in them until


And, Lord Have Mercy, I needed them.

One trip around Hometown later, this was going to be in our future.

In we walk to start the process of the give and take of the price. He gives a little, we give a little.... he comes back with a number and I scratch it out. He comes back with a new number and Husband poker faces, writes a number down, and says, "We need the car to be here, and we will walk out of here either with the car or without it."

A little of this, a little of that and the car came in where we needed it to be. As the salesman started gathering his paperwork and I had my pen in the air to start signing.

Husband looked at me.
Salesman looked at me.

I sighed... and put the pen down.

"What's wrong?"

"Car's great. It's awesome. But, it needs a DVD player, a trailer hitch, all-weather mats... and I am going to need two collared shirts for my husband."

Salesman looked at me.
Husband looked at me.

I stared back and counted to ten in my head-- twice.

Husband stared at me.
Salesman stared at me.

I counted to fifteen in my head.

"Okay, let me make a couple of changes here and you'll be on your way."

Yessir I will. In my fancy new g-ride with a DVD player, trailer hitch, all-weather mats, and two collared shirts for Husband. Certainly, let's not forget those!

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