Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Laundry

No, this is not a woman who writes complaining about her mountains of laundry. I just want to let it be known where I am in this moment.

In 68 minutes, people will be showing up to my house- some I have never met before. I'm dressed, sans makeup. Let me be perfectly clear: Oh, I am dressed and ready. My cute shoes, nice jeans, and Michael Stars shirt are walking proof that I am ready. I even have on long gold dangly earrings before 5 o'clock.

Michael Stars shirts are really sparkly in the daylight. They should only be worn after the sun goes down.

The bright red shirt is a little bosomy. Not too much, but just enough to let it be known that sass is flying..

People will be at my house in 65 minutes and I am sitting in a plastic chair nailed to the linoleum floor of the laundry mat.

Our dryer died today. I was not impressed with this nor very excited. But, my first trip to the laundry mat today (because, this is-- in fact-- my second trip), I looked like a local. Rather, a townie. Yoga pants and a well dressed kid as my accessory really set the stage for my four baskets.

But now... now is very different from than.

"Than" was not at a time when I would be having people to my house in 61 minutes. "Than" was perfectly acceptable to be in sweaty workout clothes. Now though... Now I am dressed and ready for a party.

Looky here, I have just been handed a leaflet about "Can the Dead Really Live Again?" It has purple flowers. Apparently, purple flowers show us that indeed, yes. People can live again as long as you are a Jehovah's Witness.

Cool. Good to know.

Before arriving, I was warned by several signs... and people that items left at the laundry mat can be stolen. FYI- people steal anything.

Got it.

No, thank you. I don't want your phone number, nor do I think this is a very good place to meet men. My standards have gone up or the caliber of folk at the laundry mat has gone a ways down.

You know, in college-- there was a bar in the laundry mat. No kidding. It was a great place to go on laundry day. I haven't spent much time at a laundry mat since then.

55 minutes. Can I get it done? According to this other leaflet next to me, I can get anything done... with Jesus.

Another good tip.

Jesus Saves.
Take your own risk with unattended items.
But leave the magazines.

53 minutes.

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