Tuesday, December 27, 2016

This Kid

This kid turned four almost a week ago.

She kills me. At this moment, she is currently not taking a nap like she is supposed to be doing. Rather, she's building a tent and trying to move her bed so she can fit in it or under it or something like that.

I'm letting it slide.

Another crash and another "whoops" and maybe I should rethink the whole independence, etc.

Meh, the house is quiet sans those crashes and she is happy. Every few minutes she runs up front to ask if she can get more blankets. I politely say no. She turns and runs down the hall, heading directly for the closet where the closets are.

Now she is hungry and wanting to take Cheez-Its to her room. I draw the line. No one steals my Cheez-its. Cheez-its are not allowed in the back, only in the kitchen.

Fuzzy isn't sleeping much these days, either. Per Husband, he chirps from about 4am-6am. It doesn't bother me and I sleep right through it. Apparently, Husband doesn't. #MOTY

Bennie is snacking on M&Ms and a cookie at the table and her curls are out of control on this overcast and drizzly day. Spirals that would make Shirley Temple jealous- and they are standing completely on end. Thank you for my MIL, a barber by trade- she is the only person in the whole world who knows how to cut curly hair. All kids get piled in the bathtub for haircuts when we head to SmallTown. She can trim hair, pull a kid out from under suds, and find plastic bath toys for four kids at a time.

It's quite impressive.

Christmas came and went again this year. The kids all said that this was the best Christmas ever. Husband and I agree. Bennie is currently looking for Gurgle, our Elf on the Shelf. My response of "He's at the North Pole" was not sufficient for that brain underneath those curls. She found the Gurgle Grabbers (laypeople might know these as tongs)

The past two nights, the girls have slept in a tent that Santa brought down the chimney. They have little lanterns, sleeping bags, and two kid-size Coleman chairs. Since it's too cold outside right now-- high today is a typical 72-- we have this make-shift campsite set up in the playroom. After dinner, they retire to the site where they watch TV, use modern bathroom facilities, and otherwise camp. Because camping = sleeping in a tent until they get uncomfortable and climb up to the blow up mattress outside said tent.

I was a Boy Scout and I know all about camping in the woods. This former Camper does not fault them one bit for finding the blow up mattress. I know all about starting a fire without matches, but that's another story.

Fuzzy is jumping up and down in his crib and Bennie wants to know if she can Doritos AND Pirate Booty to go with her M&Ms and Cookie. Pass that kid a high-test Coca-Cola and she'll be in business.

Time to rescue that almost 2 year old from the nap he is also not taking.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Decorating and all the rest

I just got back from jogging. Of course, let's be honest-- "jogging" is a strong word. A 12 minute mile is my current pace. I have never been a big jogger, but I'm 36 now, so I should be trying new things. Yoga, 1993 Reebok Step Aerobics, Richard Simmons, and hardcore-long-distance walking... those are my things.

Today though, was an accomplishment. I had surgery last week. "Surgery" is a word that looms in the air and inevitably, the next question in one's mind is "What kind?" -- but people, no matter people, are always too polite to ask. If it isn't offered, then the word hangs, waiting to be answered.

I debated about whether saying anything about the surgery on my blog, not because of the surgery, rather the surgery itself has to do with, ahem, parts that are not discussed in good company. Insert words that are too big for auto-correct here. A D&C and ablation were scheduled for last Tuesday in the hopes of preventing a hysterectomy.

Say whaaaaaaa

One week into the expected six week recovery and I have to say that this recovery is better than anything I have experienced over the last year. It's like finally admitting defeat before back surgery and realizing how much pain you were really in. Or, looking back on a part of your life and thinking, "I didn't realize how bad it was until I found out how good it could be."

Let's not dwell on one's nether regions though, kay? This is about what's been going on lately, besides that. {Of course, if you have any questions-- drop me a line-- and I will happily tell you what I know}

Before I went under the knife, we decorated the Christmas tree. After spending $180 on two trees and two wreaths and yelling at the very excited kids far too much, they finally got to start pulling out the ornaments and putting them on the tree.

Somewhere along the line, plastic ornaments must have been on sale. We have so many of them and I have no idea where they came from. NONE. Of course, they came from Target- but when they were purchased... beats me.

But, thankyouJesus, we had them. Fuzzy's favorite toy is a ball and now, apparently, a ball with a  string attached to it that hangs at the bottom of the tree. He pulls it off, throws it, laughs, runs to pick it up, and starts over again. At present, 8 ornaments have hit the trash. Imagine what that number would be if we put the real ones on the tree in the den?

The tree in the living room has the sterling flatware and hand blown ornaments. THAT tree is behind lock and key this year. As presents start piling up under it, a fence will be built around it.

Bless Fuzzy. "He's all boy," as they say.

The house has a fine layer of glitter intermixed with dust over all surfaces and the children are constantly on the prowl for the funny elf, Gurgle, who made his appearance not too long ago.

When this kid smiles-- I don't know what she does, but this is what happens:

When she doesn't think I'm going to take a picture and is actually smiling, something so much more beautiful happens:

My iPhoto software updated a few months ago and it now mirrors how to edit pictures on my phone. With those two pictures above of Birdie, I had to put the second one in black/white because the color balance was crazy off. It's not me, it's not my camera- it's the dang software. Looks like someone is going to be in the market for spending money in the near future. PLTTHHHHH

Fuzzy was all about decorating the tree. And Birdie found a "Gurgle Stocking" -- that is actually my grandfather's stocking that he used to hang on his mantle next to my grandmother's from when we were all small.

It makes me smile.

We leave this week for a Disney Cruise, compliments of my parents. Instead of buying a bunch of things for all of us, they spring for the experience and the memories, which we are all very appreciative of.

Brother and SIL are flying with Niece and Nephew. Let's all pause for a moment of prayer for their sanity.

We're driving.

My cousin is coming in town next week. I don't talk much about this one as he's the baby of the family-- all 26 years of him-- and has lived everywhere from South Georgia to Western Louisiana and many places in between. He's the head golf pro in Memphis, having graduated from Mississippi State a few years ago. The kid is going places. Lucky for me, he's going to swing by Hometown for a few days on the way.

And we're going off the reservation for Christmas brunch this year-- sausage gravy and biscuits. YUM! We don't want pucks to go with our luscious homemade gravy, I'll be picking those up from the local hamburger shack. Best biscuits this side of the Mississippi.

In a nutshell, that's us of recent. There's a kitchen that needs to be cleaned as I made flour yesterday. But, that's another story.

Thoughts on which photo software would be appreciated.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Uncle Andy's

We went to Uncle Andy's on Wednesday before Thanksgiving to shoot guns and ride the land.

Riding the land is a farmer's pastime and I love riding the land, but considering I have not ridden the land in about, ohhhhh, 10 years- it was fun to hop on the back of the truck and get a little dusty.

What's 'The Land,' is a reasonable question, but the answer is always different. Wednesday, The Land was Uncle Andy's 200+ year old farm. It is the original piece of land from before the Revolutionary War. King George gave his family the land grant and, miraculously, the land has stayed in one piece and in the same family for all these years.

Think about that for a second-- my family couldn't even keep a set of silver together for fifty years. How much land he has is somewhere between 400 and 4,000 acres, I can't remember. I just know that I don't want to be in charge when it comes to pull weeds.

We pulled onto the moss covered drive....

And all the kids tumbled out of the car and into the freshly picked cotton fields.

The kids loaded up on the back of the truck and we were off.

Uncle Andy gave Daddy a project. A project in the form of an abandoned house on the property. If we fix it up, we can use it. Dad is pumped and ready to get moving. He asked me to take a before picture:

 I thought an inside picture or two would be cool... Per my father, this was the first phone in the county. Now, I love my father-- but he can spin a tall tale when he wants to. Let's just leave it at the fact it's an old phone:

They have their own church on the farm. We didn't see it this time, but I ass-U-me that this register is from their church. I'd like to see it sandblasted and hanging on the wall.

The house is in the middle of a field, maybe a wheat field?

Can't you envision the bon fires and cocktails? Grilled hamburgers and fresh picked corn? Oh, I can. All in good time and place. 

After seeing the old house, we headed over to the "red" barn. Let's not be confused-- it's not the blue barn, the stable, the silo, the new barn, or grain thing-y. It's the "red" barn.

And the red barn had some cool things inside...

Remember how I said Dad could spin a tall tale? When he saw this picture.......

He said that CD player on the right could be sold as an 8-track in the picture. I laughed and said the CD player was about as old as an 8-track these days. I don't think he found that nearly as funny as I did.

There was a Model A Ford, maybe a Model T Ford- either way, it was very cool.

Andy and his brother have a hobby of "wrenching" on old cars. They like to restore them in their spare time. Because, FYI- when farmers are in season, they're working sun up to sun down. But when they season is over, they don't have much to do.

I gathered, based on the cars, that Andy's brother enjoys working on old military cars, specifically from WWII, while Andy prefers old trucks.

Old farms have old things... like a 10 ton pontoon bridge from 1941. Ya know, because there are so many oceans around the middle of Georgia.

The girls had a blast riding in the back of the truck and wondering where the seatbelts are.

We all got dusty.

At one point, we stopped in the middle of an empty cotton field and Husband showed the girls what the different tracks were. FYI-- the ones that look like little hand prints are raccoons.

And big farms have big wheels.

Birdie wanted to trick people and make them think that a BIG raccoon lived on the farm, so she put her own hand prints down in the sandy ground.

After a quick stop in the sunflower field...

We rounded into the next cotton field and picked a little to bring home.

It was about this moment that Birdie put her head in my lap and said she wasn't tired. Bennie crawled into Husband's lap, found her dirt covered thumb in her mouth and closed her eyes. the quick spirit down the highway to get a little dusty had come to a close before the first skeet was tossed.

Next time.

If you were me

Which would be your favorite?!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving is suddenly upon us. Bennie's school does a Thanksgiving Feast with the kids dressing up as pilgrims, turkeys, and Indians. While they will learn in the coming years that the pilgrims weren't really all that friendly to the Indians, it was a feast filled with songs about friendship (We are Pilgrims/We are Indians/Let's be friends, Let's be friends/We will work together), thankfulness (we say thank you/merci/etc), and an overload of cuteness.

This kid-- she doesn't just kill me; she slays me. Over and over again and again.

A few weeks ago, maybe months by this point, we made the discovery that Bennie couldn't hear. No, she wasn't deaf- but her hearing was bad. She wasn't being a defiant three year old, the kid couldn't hear!

Children her age should hear at a level of 10-15, per the audiologist-- she was at a level of 35. Whoops!

Off we go to surgery for tubes and adenoids.

The doctor does his thing and about 43 seconds later, he is meeting me to discuss the surgery.

A conversation started about tonsils and if we had ever considered taking them out.

Me: Is she still under?
Doctor: Yes we are all finished, but she's still under.

Me: Do it.
Doctor: Do what?

Me: Take her tonsils out.
Doctor: Do you want to discuss it with your husband?

Me: Yeah, but he isn't here. You are saying she is going to need them taken out at some point. She's still under right now. So, no- I don't need to. Go! Do it!
Doctor: Are you sure? I am happy to come back and do it at a later date.

Me: NO! GO! We don't want her to wake up! GO!
Doctor: Okie-dokie. We'll see you in about 63 more seconds.

After surgery, recovery, and some serious misery-- the kid can hear!

The kid can hear really, really well. So well that loud noises, off key noises (read: my singing), and medium-loud noises bother her. She's been in her little bubble of silence so long that this new world of sound has an adjustment period.

If you can't tell.....

After the turkeys, the Indians, and the Pilgrims-- it was time for prayers and a feast.

Bennie is at a new school this year and we are so happy for her. She is enjoying herself, too. So much so that she has a friend. "My berry best friend, Bib-E-Ahn."

Meet Big Viv:

Isn't she cute?

Her parents went to school with Husband and she has both a big bother and little brother with twin siblings on the way!

seeing Bennie make friends at the new school tells me that we made the right decision on her relocation. Life can be tough, even at 3 3/4 years of age. Glad that now Bennie's life is a little easier. We're thankful for that!

From my little turkey to yours-- Happy Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for and hope that you do, too.

Life is beautiful~