Thursday, December 31, 2015

Closing down 2015

We had a baby. He spent two days in the NICU. I cried when I met him. I cried when I held him with those tiny monitors attached to his chest. We took him home.
Friends brought us dinner. Friends we did not know were friends, but would become the very bestest of friends brought us dinner.
We became Godparents-- again.
Mom kept the babies-- the youngest at a mere four weeks old and we donned a tux and gown for the Heart Ball. We spent the night at the hotel and had to catch a cab the next morning in that same tux and gown.
Husband started making his own beer. He has improved immensely.
We went to see Elton John play, Stomp! perform, and Birdie got the day off from school for St. Patrick's Day. We were in the parade with our green clothes and big smiles. Husband was on call. Fuzzy was in the stroller.
We dropped big dollars on big doors for the back of our house. Six doors slide so easily when they are new.
Husband took a week off from work and volunteered at the golf course down on Berckmans. We had friends in town and watched golf every day. It was a beautiful week. It always is.
We paid our taxes, baptized our child and feared for his sight. 
Feared so mightily that he might not have sight. 
We found peace in the blindness.
We found gratitude for his life.
We found the love of strangers.
And then he found his eyes. Fuzzy found his eyes and how beautiful they became as he started to see, to focus, and to track.
His sister tried to poke out his eyes. Oh, Bennie. 
Bennie got her own hashtag: #OMGmattie 
Lilly issued Target exclusive clothes and they sold out in mere minutes. I was dumbfounded.
Birdie and I hosted a mother-daughter tea for the girls in her class. 
I made wreaths of rosemary for those little ladies and their kindergarten graduation. 
Birdie had a dance recital, Bennie danced in the aisles, and Fuzzy slept.
We went swimming, Birdie had more swimming lessons and instantly became a little fish. Bennie could not stay out of the pool. Fuzzy slept in his antique infant bed that his sisters once used with the baby monitor stretching to the edge of the pool. 
Birdie tagged along at camps and lessons.
The children and I spent a lot of time at Chick-Fil-A.
Birdie discovered the song, "Shut up and Dance" and "Saint Jah-Mah-Mah" (Geronimo).
I took them walking and experimented with jogging... unsuccessfully.
Cousins visited. Doctors and dentists were visited. Minions were watched... a lot.
The house went on the market.
Birdie started horseback riding lessons.
We went to the beach.
Husband finished his boat. He's been building it for years. It's a sight to behold and I never (read: rarely) have a problem when he wants to go fishing.
We went to the mountains and went fishing. Husband built a teepee or wigwam or something that involved leaves and twine.
Brother had another birthday and another anniversary of both his wedding and his stroke. I love that guy.
We went to Small-town and visited the in-laws. The in-laws traveled up the two lane highway to see us more than we got down to see them. 
Birdie started first grade. Bennie started Pre-School. Fuzzy started Mother's Day Out. Mommy finally got a break.
Mommy thought it would be fun to help write some grants and quickly discovered that there was not a whole lot of extra time in the day for that. Time was carved out wherever it could be found (typically in the early morning hours).
Friendships were made.
Halloween held a little green monster and two princesses in the golf cart for trick or treating. Husband's sister and her family came down for Thanksgiving. Husband said we were hosting Thanksgiving next year as he wants to fry a turkey. I'm already planning and freezing as one cannot be too prepared.
We went to Disney World and quickly found the rhythm of a family of three. 
There was a Christmas with toys and packages wrapped in sparkly ribbons with brown paper. 
Husband worked. 
We went to church. 
Time passed.
There were hair cuts, birthdays, oil changes, rain, and warm days. There were prescriptions, pictures, and a lot of painting on construction paper. 
Our babysitter is coming tonight and we are going to dinner with Fuzzy's godparents at 7. We will be home by 10 and asleep by 10:30. Husband is on call tomorrow and 2016 will start about like 2015 ended: with a lot of love, a lot of happiness, a lot of time at the hospital, a lot of laundry to wash, and a lot of christmas tree needles on the floor.

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