Sunday, November 8, 2015

My camera

I went to the beach about a month ago with a friend and her daughters. My mom kept Fuzzy and it officially started my weaning process. I could have taken him... I could have kept pumping... but it was way easier to leave him in the capable hands of my mother and focus on moving him to formula. It was awesome to get away from Hometown and get to the beach-- in October-- for fall break with four girls who got to play on a beach saved just for them. They could run for what felt like miles before turning and coming back to us. The only people there were the retirees and first snow-birds.

After four days of sand, little girls, good food and lots of laughs, we packed up and headed home. Except for my camera... my dang camera. That thing that stays on my shoulder-- I left it at the beach. And it took a month for someone to head back to the beach to gather my precious shutter stopper and return it to me.

Today, I finally got to look at the pictures I took over the long weekend...

These four kids... they crack me up. Their mother and I are so fortunate that they all get along as well as we do. Birdie is the oldest, followed by W, then Bennie, and finally Baby B-- all stair stacked at about 18 months apart.

from L to R: Baby B, Birdie, W, Bennie

You're going to think this picture is Bennie... So far, Bennie thought it was Bennie... Bennie's father was it was Bennie and Bennie's grandmother thought it was Bennie... It's not. It's Baby B.

Here's Bennie... in her favorite spot- the hammock. It's hard to be almost 3 sometimes. If anyone got near the hammock, she would take off for it- screaming "MY AM-UCK! MY AM-UCK!"

When she was on it and no one else trying to get on it, Bennie was a peach!

And it always comes as a reminder- it does not matter the expense of the toy. It does not matter the color, ideology, or whatever of the toy. There is no better toy, no better form of entertainment, no NOTHING better than a kid's imagination. These two played for, no lie, hours on this boat.

This boat in the yard.
This boat on a trailer in the yard.
This boat propped on cinder blocks on a trailer in the yard.

We made our way to the beach for the girls to stretch their legs around sundown.

Before heading back up to the house and calling it in evening, we took one last look around and told the beach night-night. They stayed up way too late, ate way to much junk food, ran circles way too many times, and survived on way too little sleep. It was an absolute recipe for disaster. I was waiting for the melt-downs- prepared for it, even.

But it never came. Only the peels of laughter from four happy girls. And two happy mamas.

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