Sunday, November 29, 2015

Here we are

We went to the Nutcracker yesterday. Husband has been on call all weekend and I was not going to miss the opportunity I was so excited about-- taking my two daughters to see the Sugar Plum Fairy. Two kids, one baby, one baby carrier, 355 goldfish, diapers, Capri Suns, and nerves of steel-- I was ready.

I left hot, lighter without the goldfish, bottles, Capri Suns, and nerves of steel.

It was precious to watch Bennie. She was ready to bounce off the walls until the lights dimmed. The music started, the curtain swept up, and she gasped in awe. For the entire first act, she sat.

She Freaking Sat. Still.
Sat still for an hour.

Her little chin sat on her hands, which were all perfectly resting on the rail of the box seats, the brass rail keeping her forehead cool and kept her from tipping over the edge. Fuzzy wasn't my star student yesterday, but I could not blame him. I kept him fed until he fell into a milk induced coma. As I held Bennie on my lap, Birdie looked over at me and said, "This is SO MUCH BETTER than watching TV!"

I smiled at the moment, held my breath for the crying baby, and laughed at the insanity of bringing my three babies to the ballet. Life is a comedy.

As the Snowflakes danced, Bennie said (ok, screamed...) "SHE SPINNIN'! MAMA SHE SPINNIN'!" When the SugarPlum Fairy came out with her perfect tutu, Bennie said, "Watch me, Mama! I spin, too!" And proceeded to spin in circles. "WATCH ME, MAMA!"

This would be the same kid that woke up yesterday and elected to potty train herself. One little accident before I put her in a diaper after a bath... and the next thing I know, that kid did not have one accident yesterday. I tell you what-- Bennie is going to rule the world.

So, here we are-- wrapped up in the chaos of three children. Some days are better than others, but they are all crazy intense with the steady fetching and stepping of motherhood.

Tomorrow, we take a break from three kids. Husband and I are packing up the eldest daughter and taking her to the happiest place on earth. My in-laws are coming to Hometown and staying here with the two babes while we treat Birdie to a week of unencumbered parent time at Disney World.

It'll be good to take her out like the old days and have 'bentures again.

Of course pictures will be forthcoming.

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Anonymous said...

Must be The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Our older son and his wife just got back from 4 days at the Happiest Place on Earth with son Jack, 4. Apparently, Splash Mountain is a HUGE favorite!