Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pickling Okra

When boiling water gets in your eye... it hurts.
Like a sonofabitch

I bet.
Are you ok?

I would rather be pickling my liver instead of okra.
Yeah, I'm ok...  but dude.

Not laughing at your pain

And then half my jars just cracked.
Eff pioneering.
Eff homesteading.

Whoa. You are HACKED.

Don't eff with me when it comes to homemade.
Have you ever canned?

I can tell how mad you are by the use of "EFF" instead of another word. 
Yes, I have canned fig preserves. That's it.

Canning [is not cool] (yeah, because that's what I said)
Let me be crystal clear:
It [is not cool]

Porpoise parts? Wow, that really [is not cool].

[insert an image of me... here]

Another jar just blew.
I quit.

You know what I'm over? Diapers leaking out the front with TT

Yeah, I'm over that, too.

.... a five minute pause....

I just burnt myself.
Boiling water running down my arm.
This. Is. A. Joke.

Abort the kitchen. NOW!

I can't. I have okra to deal with.

Friend saved an audio message you sent at 11:25am

I'm keeping that... because that's hilarious.

If you can't tell, I am finding humor in my pain.
I am a little worried about these okra I am re-canning...
Think the glass will be a problem?
It was a clean cut on the jar.

Rinse them.

Too late.
Thought about after the fact.
We will rinse before we use?

Good idea.

Better than rinsing before canning.
Because clearly I am an expert.


... A brief interlude...

So... I need a kid.

[insert picture of a lid]
like this?

Just the ring
found one
robbed another hat

...a brief pause...

Have you ever wanted to print out our text messages and read them?
They could be divided into chapter.
This would be called the canning chapter.

ooooooo. Love the pic! 
And don't worry. 
The Smithsonian will print all these out for is.

Or the U.S.

That too

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