Friday, August 21, 2015

Pete- Meet Repeat.

Bennie, stop.
Bennie, quit.
Bennie, don't.
Don't, Bennie.
Bennie, please stop.
Bennie, get out of there.
Bennie, get out of that.
Bennie, that's not yours.
Quit that, Bennie.
NO! Bennie! NO!
Please, Bennie--  Please don't do that.
Bennie, don't.
Bennie, sit down.
Bennie, don't pick up your brother.
Let go, Bennie.
Be sweet, Bennie.
Don't hit, Bennie.
Stop, Bennie.
Share, Bennie.
No biting, Bennie.
Don't lick your brother, Bennie.
Bennie, get out of his face.
Bennie, quit.
Bennie, don't throw that.
Bennie, don't throw it at your brother.
Gentle, Bennie.
No, Bennie.
Bennie, no.
Close the fridge, Bennie.
Close the drawer, Bennie.
Close the cabinet, Bennie.
Get out of the silver chest, Bennie.
Don't bang the plate, Bennie.
Be friendly, Bennie.
Close the door,  Bennie.
Don't mess with the locks, Bennie.
Bennie, don't.
STOP, Bennie!
Please be sweet, Bennie.
Eat your lunch, Bennie.
Don't throw your food, Bennie.
Drink your drink, Bennie.
Don't spit your drink, Bennie.
Get off the counter, Bennie.
Don't stand on the chair, Bennie.
Don't dance on the chair, Bennie.
Close Daddy's medicine drawer, Bennie.
Bennie, get out of Mommy's cabinet.
Bennie, don't play in the dirty clothes.
Bennie, don't.
Don't snatch, Bennie.
Please don't color on yourself, Bennie.
Quit playing in the sink, Bennie.
Get out of the toilet, Bennie.
Don't hide the brush, Bennie.
Bennie, please don't.
Keep the door open, Bennie.
Don't bang on the window, Bennie.
Don't pull on the drawer, Bennie.
Bennie, stay out of your sister's room.
Bennie, get out of your brother's crib.
Bennie, stop that.
No lollipops, Bennie.
Get out of my purse, Bennie.
My wedding ring is not a toy, Bennie.
Bennie, please don't unwind the tape.
Bennie, get the tape off your hand.
Don't put the tape on your brother, Bennie.
Bennie, get the tape off your brother.
Bennie, throw the tape away.
The trashcan is not something to play with, Bennie.
Bennie, don't.

I love you, Bennie.

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