Thursday, August 13, 2015

First Day of First Grade

The last week of summer was, ahem... intense. The kids were hot and tired. Hot and tired and all kinds of un-kind adjectives. They are my kids, I can say these things. But, it was a busy summer and by the end-- they were tired.

They need structure. (read: Mama needs a break)

After a few trips to the Woody's beach house, one to the farm, visiting cousins in Atlanta and having cousins visit us here, some swim lessons, a mountain trip and days on end in the water of any pool... we were mentally tapped and ready to get back to the routine of life.

On Monday, Leenie started back to school as a BIG first grader. I woke up to feed Fuzzy as the alarm buzzed, still full of the cobwebs from summer.

I looked up from his room to see Husband help Leenie brush her teeth...

Bennie spent the night at my parent's house so we could take our first born to school without having to wrangle the second one. As we sat down at the table for breakfast, Husband looked off and said, "Leenie, I think it is raining on your first day of school."

I turned around and, sure enough, it was raining. We wanted it to rain all summer, so of course it rained on the first day back. When else would it?

The rain started as a drizzle and steadily increased until the bottom dropped out of the sky and the heavens opened up...

It came out of nowhere and it came hard and fast. There was nothing we could do but put on our rain coats and head out the door. There are no mulligans on the first day of school.

She didn't mind. She was excited to see her friends and meet her new teacher. Her kindergarten teacher was three doors down and when Leenie ran in to give her a hug, she hugged her right back-- one of those big strong hugs that only kindergarten teachers can give.

There was a separation of church and state... Cas and Leenie are in different classes. Cas' mother and I have discussed this and think it will be fun to see what kind of adventures these two can have in their own worlds. Cas has the new teacher. While her room is a little barren- she seems incredibly nice and I am looking forward to seeing what she can do as I know that Cas will give her a run for her money!

Because of the rain, the flag raising ceremony was held in the gym. It was a little less climatic than last year, but sweet- just the same.

Same Priest... same National Anthem... same principal... new year... new beginning.

I love the principal that we have. He knows all the kids by name and most of the parents, too. One thing he said at the Primary Welcome Night was to let the past be the past. He asked that all teacher forget what they heard about whichever kid is in their class and let every kid have the fresh start they deserve. A lot of things happen over the summer and everyone comes back different. He asked the parents the same thing-- to remember that these teachers have been vetted and hired by both other teachers and parents. No matter what we have heard about our teacher, to come in with a fresh mind and a clear slate.

I thought that was really cool, because how many times did we hear that Mrs. Whatever was super mean? Or that Little Jimmy was sooooooo bad? I've heard it; I've even said it. But, he was absolutely right-- the summer is what ever kid gets so that they can have a fresh start.

As he talked, one of the substitute teachers and fellow mother came and sat down beside us. She eyed Fuzzy and played with his toes. I unhooked him and she scooped that baby into her arms-- she played with him and loved him as if he was her own. It is something I love about this school- the camaraderie of the fact that we are all families, we all have children, we all need to support one another. Spare uniforms are tossed amongst families, extra shoes are passed around like small babies and lunch boxes. It cannot be explained, but rather-- felt. And appreciated.

After we kissed our eldest good-bye, Husband went to work and I picked up Bennie from my mom's house. The first order of business? Dance Party...

Another school year is off to a fast start and I am already running late for car line. We have our Hello Kitty book bag and we are off to first grade!

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