Saturday, June 6, 2015

Gettin' There

I am going to take some more pictures and write a more detailed blog about this in the coming days, BUT-- I am so impressed the difference that can be had when something as ridiculous as doors are replaced.

Remember those 35 linear feet of glass we have in our kitchen/den? 

It was a lot of glass. 

It was a lot of non-tempered-dangerous-if-Bennie-is-your-middle-child glass.

The door hardly didn't work. I had to inch it open to my left leg through the hole and then push back with my weight as I gave it the old college try. It was tough. I was tougher.

This picture was taken when we bought the house. Do you notice the once-white carpet? And the linoleum? Those are gone. Replaced with a floor milled specifically for us in North Carolina.

But we aren't talking about the floor- we are talking about the 35 linear feet of glass. There is more glass in that space then my daughter's bedroom space in Washington DC.

And, just in case you were curious, while you might think glass is cheap... it isn't.

So, we got quotes... we saved... we hemmed... we hawed... we tabled it... we dealt with the doors. We ignored that it took two people to open it. Shouldn't all doors bring families closer together?

This is what the 35 linear feet looked like about two weeks ago...

Sometimes, you know things are unattractive- but you don't realize just how unattractive (read: ugly) they are until you update them. This was not the case.

We knew it was both lovely, because of all the light it let in, and wretched, because of what they were. They were 50+ year old aluminum sliding glass doors that passed their prime at least 15 years ago.

After Pella came through and did what they do, we now have something that looks a little like this:

I'll get better pictures this weekend and give a more detailed description of how Pella works, because-- honestly-- if you are going to be shucking out the money for something like glass, you want to know how it works. Suffice it to say- I'm pleased. Shocked at how pleased I am that these new doors make such a drastic change in the looks of our house-- for the better.

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