Friday, May 22, 2015

The Words

Dear You Who Read My Blog,

I need to say something. I am probably going to botch it, but I need to express my upmost gratitude to friends, strangers, friends I did not know were friends, and strangers I did not know existed that I have a humble heart. It is something that Husband and Wife have spoken of several times and it is something that surprised me.

Two weeks ago, I posted a blog about my son and his eyesight. It was something I was struggling with-- not the situation, rather should I open this door to this aspect of my life? I had struggled with the situation and then I was struggling with if it was "right" to let this part of our lives out into the open. In the end, obviously, I posted it. It was the first time I was ever nervous about hitting that "Publish" button. My soul was in those words and my child was the topic. How would people respond? Or worse-- would they? He could see- that was the bottom line, but did I need people to know that we were in the dark for so long about his ability or lack thereof to see? Would I sound like a hypochondriac if I shared the last two months of our lives?

The way a community almost instantaneously formed around my family and held us in the apple of their eyes, made me grateful to be here. Now. With you. In this spot. At this moment. People came out of the woodwork to speak softly to me. To touch my arm and to tell me that we were prayed for by their family and the rawness of my words made connections in ways I never dreamed.

The words heard over speakers... the words sent on screens... the words written on paper... the words spoken in person...

the words

I had no idea the impact of the words I wrote would have. I had no intention of making you cry, but am thankful that you wept with me and that you shared your worry with me. I am even more thankful that you sought us out to tell us of how my words touched you and touched yours.

Your words to me and my family were so... powerful. They made us feel at ease as people approached us about the subject of faith- a subject that so few people address with the subtleness it needs. A subject that I have never felt comfortable broaching. A Bible Beater I am not.

A person of Faith- I am.

Often in my life, I have wondered if I should say something to someone I know is in a hard place. Sometimes they might be embarrassed at the cards they have been dealt. Or, they might be a very private person and this thing is not something they want anyone to know. Whatever the reason, I wonder if I should let them know that I know. I know you are ill. I know you are hurt. I know your spouse cheated. I know your family member is dying. I know you are in pain. I know.

Being on the other end of this, I know what I would want and I will always assume in the future that you need to know that I am with you. I will carry the words to say that I am with you, helping you carry a burden. I will think of you with a kindness in my heart and hope that you are feeling goodness.

Because that is what you did for me. For us. You let us know that we are not alone. We are never alone.

With a humble heart, I remain--


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