Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kindergarten Graduation

I was surprised how fast this year zipped by. I looked up and was sitting in the church, waiting on my little girl with blonde curls to come sit next to me. I once heard someone say that 'life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer to the end, the faster it goes.' How very accurate. Don't you remember being a kindergartner and summer lasting forever? I mean like an eternity?

I sure do. Of course, back when I was in kindergarten, we went to school around Labor Day and got out the first of June. And walked to school uphill both ways in the snow lugging 20 pound packs with heavy hardback books.

But, she graduated. My little thing went from being a little kid to a less-littler-kid in a quick span of short time.

Her teacher? Amazing. I was constantly impressed at the things Mrs. W accomplished with her class. She taught sign language, verbs, adjectives, and fractions. Let's be honest-- I'm 34 and still don't understand fractions. Ever want to stump me? Ask me about 1/8 + 3/7. Right now.... I am sitting her trying to remember how to do it and, well... nothing.

Throughout these pictures, I hope you will take notice of a little gold bracelet that she is wearing. It's not fine, but to me- it is priceless. My grandmother gave it to me when I graduated from kindergarten. She wore it when she graduated from kindergarten and her mother had given it to her. It's from the late 1800's. My grandmother told me it was brass. When the clasp broke, I took it to Estate Jewelry and he said it was gold-filled, whatever that means.

She took to a love of the library. We still have one book floating around this house somewhere, but was over the freaking moon when I discovered they did away with book fines. I hate book fines. I understand why they have them, I just don't like them and absolutely feel like I am throwing money into the wind when I have to pay them.

She brought her brother to school and got to hold him in front of the whole class. "This is Fuzzbug Wobert. We call him Fuzzy. He drinks milk from my mommy's....."

And the class screamed, "EWWWW! GROSS!"

And her BFF, Cas, says to me, "You have to run to get rid of all that jiggly stuff. You don't want to be fat."

Thank you, Cas. Thankyouverymuch.

A few weeks ago- a few months after that conversation... I started running. Nobody wants to be jiggly.

She took Spanish and art and computer and all kinds of other "specials" that while she did not excel as the top kindergartner in these sections, she did above average. Who wants to peak in kindergartner anyway?

She figured out how to make holes in her jumpers. Let me rephrase-- she learned how to dig her pencil into her jumper that wears like iron, creating a hole that looks an awful lot like a moth had a nice snack. She has not done it again.

She learned to read, finally got around to watching Harry Potter, and is still perfecting her talent in deciphering between coins. It is less deciphering and more remembering which one is a dime and which one is a nickel.

She lost her school shoes that make her run "super fast." I was a little peeved, but we found her old shoes and they lasted us through the last ten days of school. Why does she always have growth spurts right at the end of the year?

She won a fish. We got fish fever and bought a second fish-- more on that second fish when I get around to it. Bennie tried to feed Sprite the Fish Cagle and proceeded to almost kill it. I never wanted that dang Carney Fish, but my baby did. So we stood in line over and over again to win Sprite. When I thought he was going to die at the hands of my two year old, I was so hacked that I discovered my soft spot for Sprite. He's tough. Carneys have to be tough though.

She got to participate in the "pepper" rally twice and the eighth grade girls loved helping her out of the car in the mornings. She got lots of hugs and Bella, her Mass buddy, was her favorite part of Mass.

When the kindergarten class hosted Mass, she led the gift bearers down the aisle. I have never seen three girls look more reverent at such lightning speed as they walked as fast as they could down the aisle to the priest.

I got to volunteer in her class-- a lot. It was my favorite thing and I looked forward to it. It was a chance for me to do something for her and not for her and her siblings. They got the nickname "Gremlins" early on because Gremlins multiply when fed after midnight or get doused in water or something. Anyway, they multiplied. And Gremlins became my term of endearment to them. They liked it.

She became a big sister again.

She started to learn how to play the piano and a kick-ball-change in tap. She's my first grader and while she can try my patience on a daily basis, she is amazing and I would not change or trade her for the world.

sidenote: see those headdresses? Yeah, I know they aren't called that-- rather, head wreaths-- but that just sounds stupid. If we're going to call them something, let's call them something that instills fear in people-- like headdresses. Ok, see those headdresses? Who made them? Me. That's who. I cut some rosemary from the backyard and whipped them out for the girls in her class. First time mom, right here.

First grade bound! After a summer of swimming and dancing, of course.

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Tara Scheyer said...

What an awesome walk down Kindergarten memory lane. I love the photos a lot, and I love the subject a lotter. So happy I got to be a little part of this sweet magical creature's year. love love love to you all! Tara