Sunday, April 5, 2015

Prom Queen

Prom Queen and Josh are celebrating their one year anniversary today. So much has happened in a year. I got pregnant and had Fuzzy. Josh made his last guide trip to Alaska. The other matron of honor ran 7 marathons in six months or something crazy like that. Prom Queen GOT PREGNANT! (and not on prom night)

In honor of their first anniversary, as I pull their wedding cake top out of the freezer for them and they make their way here for our golf tournament, I thought it would be fun to post my rehearsal dinner speech, because- well- I never met a microphone I didn't like.

April 5, 2014: 

I never thought it be hard to get up here and stand before you on the eve of my dearest friend’s wedding.

But it is.

It’s not because I am not overwhelmed with the reminiscence of our youth and all the time that we have spent together, rather it is because of all those little details that brought us to this point in our lives—


Traditionally, speeches and toasts at rehearsal dinners fall into three parts- well, the good ones do, at least-

Part 1: 
How we met

Part 2: 
a good, yet, clean story with a light laugh

Part 3: 
a glass is raised and a toast is made wishing the young couple a lifetime of happiness

So, let’s see how I do.

Part 1:I have no idea how we met.

Part 2:I do not have a good yet clean story with a light laugh. I have plenty others- but those are best left unsaid.

Part 3:We aren’t there yet.

I do remember, so very clearly, when I reconnected with Helen. We had both just moved back to Augusta- both very lost and both wanting desperately to be adults in our youthful innocence. After a dinner at local dive, we made a pact.

We wanted to be friends with everyone.

The nerds, the cool kids (because even as adults, they still exist), the jocks, everyone.

We wanted to be Prom Queen.

And so it went, the antics of the best summer ever solidified what we decided that night- we would always be friends.

Maybe this would be a good place to segway into a story about the bride. Don’t worry, Prom Queen. Thiesta is here and I will not regale her with how well you can dance in the sand with sunglasses on in the middle of the night. 

Prom Queen was leaving for Greece to work at the Olympics. She was going to be staying at the old family homestead for several weeks. She mentioned to a boy, that would become my husband, that she didn’t know how to drive a stick. We were in the middle of nowhere with several friends. 

Husband looks at Prom Queen and says, Grab a beer. Wife, toss me your keys. Prom Queen doesn’t know how to drive a five speed.
And she’s going to Greece? They don’t have automatics over there.

An hour later, my car came bumping back through the woods with a very excited Prom Queen behind the wheel, changing gears like she was born to do it. 

I think it was in the moment that I fell in love with my husband and my best friend behind the wheel. That new transmission was totally worth it.

It was on this same night that we piled in the back of a friend’s truck to make our way down to the lake through the overgrown trail. Halfway down the path, a fallen tree stopped us.

The boys got out of the front, grabbed a tow strap and quickly set to work dismantling it. 

Prom Queen, sitting next to me, with the country music playing literally clapped her hands in glee and screamed, “I JUST LOVE SOUTHERN BOYS!” 

But we would discover that was not the truth. 

Helen traveled all over the world to discover that she, in fact, just loves one Pennsylvania boy. What she loved about that night- was that those Southern Boys were capable of fixing country problems.

What she should have said was “I JUST LOVE COUNTRY BOYS”

Because a country boy has no geography other than what is below his feet.

As you all know, Josh grew up on a farm in the country. He has spent his adult life making a living at something Prom Queen has always loved - fly fishing. 

I was fortunate enough to meet Josh early in the relationship. Within about thirty seconds, I knew that I was going to be meeting his future children because I loved his future wife so much. I looked at Prom Queen at one point when it was just the two of us and said, “You can’t fake what he has. You can’t pretend to be that kind of guy. He is wonderful.”

So let’s raise our glass. Not to tonight. Not to tomorrow. But to lifetime from now. In the end, we will return to celebrate your love and the life you have created together. In the meantime, it’s going to be a hell of a ride and it will be worth every second. 

To you.

A year later- everything I said still holds true: I still love his future wife so much. I am still going to see their future children, sooner rather than later. She still loves one Pennsylvania country boy. They will still spend a lifetime together full of love, passion, ups and downs.

How quickly a year goes by.

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