Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Riding in the Parade

There are funny things I wanted to remember over the past few days and tell you about them. But, well, those funny things compounded into other funny things and I got distracted with the things that make up my day.

Eight days later, I am sitting in Fuzzy's room as he sleeps. Bennie and Leenie are at school and Husband is getting ready for work. It's a nice, quiet morning following a hectic and playful St. Patrick's Day.

Leenie and I had a traditional Irish breakfast at Waffle House before heading over to the bank to make a $.48 deposit.

forty eight cents.

She got her report card last week and everything was great- the only thing we needed to work on was coin recognition. Over waffles, I pull out the change in my wallet and we talk about the differences, names, and values of each one. After getting them in line, I asked her if she wanted to deposit them.


To the bank we go!

I ask for a deposit slip and pen and show Leenie how to fill it out. We count our coins again and stand in line. She hands the teller her slip and coins before receiving her receipt. The people in line behind us thought we were nuts. I thought we were teaching a valuable lesson. She worked on addition, coin recognition, and fiscal responsibility.

After the bank, we headed downtown for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Leenie wanted to ride on the Parochial float and toss candy. Fuzzy and I walked along beside her. One piece at a time, she picked it up and threw it at whomever or whatever was in her rhythm. The man on the corner got a piece, the car parked on the side of the road got a piece, those two little kids got a piece... She was so excited to throw candy and for every one she threw, she ate one herself.

At one point, she asked me to throw a piece. Obliging my sweet girl, I picked up a piece of hard candy. It was a sucker, I think. Those are hard, right?


Wait, first off- I have no aim. This is why I don't throw things. Simple enough- there is a crowd of people and all I have to do is lob it at them. So, that's what I do.

The wind must have picked up the sails of the lollipop or I must not know my own strength, or whatever because I pelted a poor kid squarely on the forehead. I nailed her. Did I mention that it was squarely on the forehead? She cried. I stared in horror as the float drove away. She ran into her grandmother's arms and held her goose egg. The float turned the corner and I felt awful. (Yes, I hollered an apology. No, they didn't hear it.)

No one saw. I saw. But, still. I hit a kid with candy. Who does that?!

Leenie asked me to throw more candy. I politely declined and said it would be more for her to throw. 3/4 of the way into the parade, she asked me to puh-lease throw some for her; her arm was tired. How can I refuse that?

I pick up a Tootsie Roll. Tootsie Rolls are soft and I can't do the same dumb thing twice, right?


The old man in the wheel chair on Broad? Yeah.

I stopped throwing candy and told her that it was her job to throw it. At least when she threw it, it barely makes it out of the float and into the arms of those cherubs.

More later- Fuzzy is crying.

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