Friday, March 6, 2015

In just a flash

As I changed Fuzzy's diaper, I thwacked his head on the faucet. Stellar. Turning around, Bennie has put an umbrella in the toilet. Awesome.

Not just any umbrella, mind you. No, this was Leenie's Thomas the Train umbrella that used to be Nephew's. It's a prized possession that stays in her closet.

Fuzzy can't stop crying, I lead Bennie out of the way with my foot and sit down with Fuzzy to let him cry out the tears I caused. He puked.

He puked all over my lovely new cashmere sweater that Husband gave me.

How do you clean cashmere? I've never owned cashmere and am starting to understand why.

Bennie is dripping all down the hallway with her opened umbrella, jumping in the puddles. Leenie sees her coveted treasure and screams. She grabs it from Bennie. Bennie screams. I scream that they are arguing over an umbrella that is soaked with toilet water.

Thank the Lord that Leenie flushed.

Fuzzy gets dropped in a bucket along the way. Not a real bucket, but a bassinet. The girls have dropped the umbrella and moved on to the kitchen. Bennie is standing on the table, jumping and clapping. I don't know where Leenie is. Another bucket (bassinet) is next to the table and I can see what Bennie has on her mind before she does it. I can do nothing to stop her from leaping from the table and landing in the middle of the bassinet on wheels, sending her skittering around the kitchen.

She claps. Leenie appears and laughs. Bennie tries to do it again. I stop her.

On the ground she goes, Leenie right behind her. I find Fuzzy and place him a little higher off the ground for his safety as much as for my sanity. A few minutes later, Leenie appears with a wet piece of construction paper. She proudly displays the whale she made from the water in the bathroom.

Not the toilet water, rather the sink water.

Bennie comes up front, too. She's not carrying a picture made from water on construction paper. Rather, she is carrying nail polish.

No lie- I had to tell her, "Bennie- don't eat nail polish."

As I sit and type, Bennie and Leenie are eating supper (it's 4:46). A supper of cheese pizza, fruit, and yogurt. Husband is on call this weekend. They are utter angels, with nary a reference to the flash of chaos we had but moments before. Sans the puddles, you'd never know.

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Family Snodgrass said...

And that's why they DON'T get tossed to the wolves! Hang in there, mama!