Saturday, January 17, 2015

When there are two weeks left

I went to the doctor yesterday. This baby is riding high and will go every bit of those last two weeks that stand before me.

I used four letter words.

Husband is on call this weekend. He went in yesterday and will be home Sunday night. He goes back on Monday and comes home on Tuesday. Afternoon.


Last night, Leenie wanted to sleep with me. I did not even attempt to argue with this plan. We get in jammies around 6:15 and watch a movie in mom's bed. Baths were not even a consideration. For any of us.

Bennie thought it would be fun to beat up on Leenie- she found her crib shortly before 7. Somewhere in the 5am range, I woke up to find my bedmate watching whatever we fell asleep to on TV-- Sherman's march on Georgia. Perfectly acceptable. The tv flashed images of dead children next to dead soldiers. Leenie watched, without blinking, until I said something about Mary Poppins. A few clicks of the remote and I am back asleep while she watches something a touch more wholesome than a documentary about the Civil War.

No coercing back to sleep- I'll do that after the baby comes.

So here I sit at Chick Fil A, the other Mother Mecca and am rolling past my second hour. We have just concluded lunch. When asked what my children had for breakfast, Leenie is quick to brag about her fruit snacks and gummy worm morning meal she fixed herself while mama slept. She even shared with her sister. After crawling out of bed at the tail end of Mary Poppins (it is over two hours long) and finding the two munchkins playing sweetly in Bennie's crib- Bennie without clothes sans a diaper, I round them up for a nutritious breakfast of pop tarts. Figured I should do my part.

We discussed our Saturday options-- too cold for the park. Too expensive for Target. Too late for Imagination Station. Too insane to stay at the house. We settled at Chick Fil A for playtime and lunch. Trying to be a decent parent to more than the one I incubate, I order nuggets (fried, of course). And what do they end up eating?

Cookies, ice cream, and Fanta.

Dinner will be the leftover nuggets they didn't eat. I will have a cookie for supper.

Because that's how we roll when there are two weeks left.