Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bring on the ice cream

I knew it was coming. When I was pregnant with LMC, I had it. When I was pregnant with Bennie, I failed my test by two points and the DC doctor said that's practically passing. I took him at his word. Every visit I had with my doctor involved a conversation about diabetes and when I would become the human pin cushion in anticipation of the gd-GD.

Two weeks ago, it was finally time to take the test and receive my diagnosis. I was ready. Ready to count carbs, ready to increase my exercise, ready-- just ready to move on to the third trimester and get gestational diabetes behind me. After my test, I thought I needed something nice and healthy... and carb-y-- like a bowl of rice.


The next day, I treated my parents to lunch at a nice restaurant as a thanks for taking care of my kids. When they asked if we wanted the check, I asked for a piece of peanut butter pie. Looking at my mom, I said, "I'm going out with a bang. Won't be able to have this next week."

And then I had some ice cream after supper, because- well, in a few hours, I knew my doctor would email me with the results and the new set up.

24 hours went by and the crickets were chirping over the world wide web.

No news is good news, except when I can eat Mexican and all the cheese dip I want. Another day, I will give the doc another day before I reach out to receive my diagnosis. In the meantime, a bowl of Cheerios sounds like a good idea.

Dinner came along and that bowl of pasta was too good to pass up. It's a good thing I already planned to email in the morning...

Having satisfied my carb fix for the next ten weeks, I finally opened my email and reached out...

"Not that I want to know, but I probably should be a better patient. What's the damage?"

Since she had not responded by lunch, I figured one more hit off the ole' carb pipe wouldn't be a bad idea. French fries with a sandwich sounded ah-mazing. One please.

As I am looking at my carb friendly options walking through the grocery store, I get an email...

No gestational diabetes.

I respond with a "WTH?!"
She promptly responds with a, "I thought this was good news?"
"It is, it's just surprising. Did I scrape by?"
"No-- flying colors. You passed all four screens by at least 30 points."

SCHWING! Bring on the ice cream!

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