Wednesday, October 29, 2014

33 cabinets and 17 drawers

My kitchen is large. There is a lot of storage space in this beast. I went from having 6 drawers to 17 and 5 cabinets to, well, 33. I must confess though, most of them are empty. It's not that I don't have the stuff to fill them, I lack the discipline to keep them organized.

Husband says it's me. I say it's him. Details.

After LMC's Halloween parade at school, I came home to start cooking chili for supper. Realizing that I had zero interest in a turkey sandwich (blasphemous in this household) for lunch, I put eggs on to boil for egg salad.

After peeling and cooling, I went for my food processor. Now, let's be perfectly honest- I own four different types of things that process foods. The big one, the little one, the one that attaches to my immersion blender, and the baby food maker.

Because every belle needs four food processors.

I go to pull out the big one and can't find the blade.
No problem.

I go for the little one and can't find the lid.
Not a big deal. Annoying, but not back breaking.

I go for one that goes with the immersion blender, but it is way too small for the job at hand.

I go for the baby food maker, but just put it back- because the lid is out of my reach.

Four food processors and enough parts for any one to work- if they were identical.

Looking in my drawers, I open my "things that cut" drawer, because- yes, I have so many drawers that I have one internally labeled things that cut... not to be confused with the things that measure drawer. There is also a utensil drawer, a gadget that attaches to appliances drawer, and a drawer full of kid silverware. My blade, when it comes down to it, is something that cuts- and that is where it should be.

And it isn't there.

I open my utensil drawer and the dang thing can't open because the five whisks that I have are all in a knot. No blade. And no whisks either- they all hit the counter, waiting to be unknotted and replaced.

33 cabinets open. 33 cabinets closed. 17 drawers open. 17 drawers close. All the while, I am pulling things out and setting them on the counter so that I can reorganize my kitchen.

The chili simmers.
The eggs wait to turn into something else.

Bennie looks at me and asks for the pepper.

Which reminds me, I have a spice drawer. Do I really need a spice drawer?

Oh, and the laundry is all over the counters. With the spatulas. And the chili.

Because I cannot find one last part for any one of my food processors to finish my egg salad.

I take everything out of every drawer, deciding that it is time to get some organization in this place.

The chili simmers.
The eggs wait.
The drawers are empty.

Sprite the Fish Cagle looks at me, cocks his eyes and says, "Glub?"

I have the wise idea that only doing the drawers would be smart today; anything else would be too much.

The chili simmers.
The eggs wait.
The drawers start to get put back together.

I pull out the foil and decide that I can redo one cabinet and put the foil in there. That would make sense and open a drawer for things that stir. Taking everything out of the practically bare cabinet above the sink, I put the foil and zippy bags up there.

The door won't close.

No problem. I'll move the glasses from Cabinet A to the now-baren Cabinet B. Besides, I can put spices next to the foil and open up a things that strain drawer.

So, two cabinets. I will reorganize four cabinets and 17 drawers today and get the rest done tomorrow.

The chili simmers.
The eggs wait.
The foil gets moved to where the glasses once were.

If it is not foil, zippy bags, or glasses- it does not have a home.

Okay, six cabinets. But, that's it. I will be done with six cabinets. Oh, and 17 drawers.

The laundry gets shuffled around to make room for the two funnels and three sieves that I have. My food processors get put away. The eggs look at me like I am nuts. Bennie is down for a nap that she is vehemently rebelling against.

Why am I suddenly starving? Right-- eggs. Egg salad. Where's my food processor? Right... the blade.

I wonder if I should move my wine glasses above the foil or keep them above the sink with the rest of the glasses? With the rest of the glasses- that makes sense. Next to the sponges and baby food jars.

Turkey gets pulled out and I make a sandwich while I continue this process. The eggs are forgotten about. The food processor pieces are now covered with laundry. Oven mitts find a home and rags get moved to the pantry.

Ice cream scoop gets put in with the things that cut -- because it cuts through the ice cream.

Bennie, who has given up on the nap, opens a cabinet door and pulls out the food processor blade. For once, she errs on the side of safety and hands it to me. I put it where it belongs and look at the eggs on the counter.

RIGHT! Egg salad.

But first, I have to get this kitchen in order. Because that it not where it is right now. Perhaps I'll write a blog to recount the last hour and how I was so efficient and woke up this morning deciding that today was the day to organize the kitchen.

And cook chili.
And make egg salad.
And catch up on 18 loads of laundry.

What was the egg salad for anyway?

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