Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I don't mean for so much time to pass between blog posts; I wish I could say that the reason for it happening was because so much was happening around the house- but that is not the case. Rather all these little things we are doing with our daily routine are amounting to our days.

We have daily homework that should take about 15 minutes. LMC gets distracted when the wind blows, so it is more like an hour's worth of homework. She is back in ballet and tap- in a new class, making new friends. She also started piano lessons so she can play on that beautiful piano we have in our living room-- and not just pound on the keys, waking up her sister. While her rhythm is a little off, she is trying and, more importantly, loves showing off her new skill.

LMC is loving kindergarten. It seems her that her biggest accomplishment these past few weeks is that she is slowly learning to read. Bennie is in school twice a week and knows no strangers. Husband is studying-- a lot. He has a big test coming up soon and, well, it would be good if he passes it. I am almost 19 weeks pregnant and we go tomorrow for the BIG ultrasound to make sure the growing fruit has all fingers, toes, eyes, ears, etc. We should find out what we are having-- boy or girl.... or puppy, as LMC has asked more than once.

It's not a puppy.

At this exact moment, I am resting on LMC's bed; she is playing on the iPad next to me and Bennie is not napping in her crib. I get tired in the afternoons these days and I feel a little silly being tired-- incubating or not, the girls still need a mom and dinner won't cook itself. Especially since I am going to get a whole lot more pregnant before I am no longer pregnant!

This is short, because Bennie is starting to get a little agitated with her lot in life and Husband should be back any minute.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear what your February baby will be--Toby and MaryGlenn's is a. . .GIRL! Her name will be Tallulah Rae (called "Tally"). Tallulah, good ole Southern name and name of place they met and he proposed. Rae my mother's middle name, after HER grandfather Raymond E. Lawrence. --nb