Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I killed my computer. Again. Dead. Like an overqualified paperweight kind of dead. A trip to the Apple store and $280 later, I am coming to you via a practically brand new computer. God Bless Mr. Jobs and his invention of the Apple. Buying an Apple is expensive and they don't have any clearance tables, but the purchase is not only a very powerful piece of machinery but also some kickin' customer service. My beast if five years old and it is just as cool as the Christmas Husband gave it to me.

Recently, I told an old friend that I am hitting a road block on things to write about. It seems like my days are hair tangles and homework with LMC and dodging thrown food and no-naps Bennie. I spend a lot of time volunteering at Parochial -- which I love -- and taking Bennie to a new Children's Museum in the neighborhood. Oh yeah... and incubating that new baby who met his halfway point of gestation this past Saturday. It's all downhill from here... okay, maybe it's still uphill as I get bigger and crankier and closer to the end, but time-wise- it's all downhill.

Bedtime for this girl has been in the 8 o'clock realm. I lay in bed at the end of the day (as the sun sets) and contemplate a new blog. Recently, the History Channel has a lot of documentaries on about the Vatican, the Pope, and the history of The Catholic Church. They speak more about the last two popes-- Benedict and John Paul then they do about the current Francis I. This new pope, I like his style. He has some panache that I can get behind.

The documentary that comes to mind as I sit here showed the Pope in his private quarters. He is wearing his Pope Pajamas-- a white linen cassock and Pope slippers. It made me wonder if the Pope ever goes out for a beer, or -- being in Italy-- a glass (carafe?) of wine? What does he wear? Does he have a pair of blue jeans? Would he find a pair of chinos comfortable? Why do these things cross my mind?

Further my mind drifts to the Pope and I wonder if I were to run into him over a carafe of wine [and were I not pregnant] what would we talk about? He probably gets asked all the time what it is like to be him. Does he think of himself more as a leader of a church or as a direct link to God? Meh- he would probably be smart enough to speak what we need to hear and not necessarily what he might believe.

Probably, I'd ask him if he eats off of sterling silver every day... and if so, is it Francis I? Or, has he ever ventured into the Gap and bought a pair of blue jeans? Does he wear his jeans while he eats his dinner?

These are the questions I would want answers to.

Until tomorrow.

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Wanting What I Have said...

Perhaps he drinks from a sterling straw, like Oprah. I've always wanted a sterling straw.