Wednesday, September 10, 2014


We went to the doctor this morning. Bright and early-- Bennie wearing her squeaky shoes, running up and down the halls of the hospital and Husband in his scrubs, the proud father of his growing family. As I sit and type, snacking on my lunch, I am watching men are lay sod in our backyard and Bennie is contemplating throwing her lunch on the ground. Elmo keeps her entertained and occasionally, a bite from her tray makes it to her mouth.



These words have been in my vocabulary for a very long time. In this moment, nothing has changed- life is moving forward. We are making plans.

After getting a tour of our baby's anatomy, I called my BIL, David. He was as excited as we were to hear our news and said the most important thing I have heard, "Change is good."

And he is so very right-- change is good. It can be fun. Change is not always easy, but change is always an adventure. Change. I am getting good at change-- and loving how Change changes everything.

We will put away our smocked dresses and donate our pink pajamas. All those pink blankets will soon be retired and moved on to a new house. Bennie and New Baby won't be sharing a room. That pink baby potty we bought will have to be painted and we will need to buy new sheets as purple polka dots won't cut it. Rainbows will be flip flops and not a favorite color. Bows will not of interest. We won't be buying any bloomers.

Instead- God looked down on us and smiled. He said that we are being blessed with a third baby. A healthy baby with ten fingers, ten toes, four chambers of the heart and two sides of the brain. New Baby has a perfect spine, functioning kidneys, and is --so far-- perfect. Perfect and so very loved by his two older sisters and already doting parents.

As we pack away the dresses, we will replace them with loafers and john-johns. A sun hat will be the new bonnet and blue will be the preferred color over pink. He will have a lifetime hunting license instead of a debutante dress and learn to lead instead of dancing backwards.

I didn't know what I was going to do when I heard the word "girl" the first time. But, I learned. Twice. I never thought I would know how to raise a girl, but so far-- we have two lovely little ladies. Change is good and it keeps us on our toes. He will join us soon and he will be wonderful addition to our family.

As all my children are, he will be a vital part of this family. He will regale us. He will humble us. He will teach us.

He will grow to become a man.


Anonymous said...

As you know, I am very partial to little boys! How wonderful it is to have a son. . .congratulations! --nbb

Aunt Betty said...

Wonderful! Now you will have each delishish flavor! Warning from the mother of a fully grown boy.....they steal your heart and they can be gross and laugh about it : ) Aunt Betty

mamathreads said...

How exciting!! Congratulations!