Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What tomorrow holds

Maybe tomorrow I can get my words together and write what I want to say. Maybe tomorrow, while my friend is in surgery delivering a baby to the world- and to the NICU- and having her life saved by brilliant doctors I can convey what I want to say.

Maybe tomorrow my thoughts will weave words together and my head will be clear.

Maybe tomorrow will end in both a happy and sad way- a baby in this world and Mama Bits healing in the intensive care unit. Her children encapsulated in love with grandparents and her newest being cared for with his father by his side in the little plastic incubator.

Maybe tomorrow will be a good day- albeit sad while incredibly happy. It is always a good day when a baby is born.

I hold no crystal ball. I know nothing of what tomorrow will be like. But it will be filled with love.

With prayer.
With hope.

With absolution.

I pray for Mama Bits to see the end of the surgery, see the beginning of her new life, and for love to be enough.

She is strong; her faith mighty. Maybe tomorrow, those two things will be sufficient- just for tomorrow.

I hung up the phone with her a few minutes ago- we spoke of love, faith, God, and new babies. Just for tomorrow, let that be all there needs to be.

Please. Just one day. And let that day be tomorrow.

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Mama Lynda said...

Maybe today you will know, Rachel, how much your words are welcomed by me...and by so many others.