Friday, July 18, 2014

What's for dinner

When Mommy is pregnant and Daddy is on call?

Bennie had copious amounts of raspberries and Cheerios, with 1/4 of a chicken quesadilla (from the freezer section at Costco).

LMC had raspberries and a waffle- and a lot of complaints about her 1/4 of a chicken quesadilla. Oh, and a cookie. To boost her low sugar...

Wife had a bowl of Cheerios and no cookie. Because I had already consumer three in the course of the day.

This is awfully similar to what we just had for breakfast- except Bennie had a waffle, too. And no one had a quesadilla.

Let's not talk about the cookies.


Anika said...

:) This made me smile

Elizabeths Aunt Betty said...

They will have fond memory's and I have never heard of a child being permently ruined from a few fun meals with mommy: )