Thursday, June 12, 2014


I thought that it would be fun for LMC and her best bud to make homemade corn dogs. But first, I must confess--

I have never had a corn dog.


I've never eaten at Taco Bell either, but that's a different story.

Okay, so corn dogs. A-L-L the recipes out there say that they are "easy"
They are "fun"
They are "delicious"
They are "simple" ... and you can just "whip them up."

Guess what, Dr. Wikipedia?

The Internet was not invented by Al Gore and it lies.

It lies big fat lies that make liars out of us.

They might have been easy- Easy to make, that is. But easy equates to "not messy" in my book. And they certainly weren't that. Scratch that off the adjective list.

They were not that fun, because they were that messy. The kids quickly escaped the gooey cornbread "dough" to play with glass and chase each other with scissors. I was helpless to help them, as I was up to my eyeballs in gooeyness. The oil was popping and I was making a bigger mess trying to wrap those dogs and get them in the pan.

Now, I will say this-- I can no longer make the statement that I have never had a corn dog. I have. I took a bite before I gave them to the girls to see what a corn dog tastes like.

"Hmm.... I made this big mess and have goo in my hair. Maybe I should see if all this hard work was worth it?"

I eye the dog wrapped in Heaven-Sent gold and take a tentative bite. Very tentative. I closed my eyes and thought maybe I could eat all of the puppies before the girls returned with knives.

They were...

I have...

They were...


I mean...


Speechless. They made me speechless. My husband is going to make me eat these all the time so he can get some silence in this house. (And I can put on 150 pounds)

Now to clean the kitchen. I'm never making them again.

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