Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let it Go

If anyone out there is the mother of a daughter under 4 and a half feet tall, you know all about Elsa.

And Ana.

And Frozen.

The girls play it on the playground. They run around singing "Let it Go" on repeat- complete with all the motions that Elsa so vehemently expresses herself with. They want to be Elsa, who is- for all practical purposes- a selfish Ice Queen. No big deal, she comes around in the end- thanks to her little sister and the magic of Disney. And, of course, as all little sisters do, this all started with Ana antagonizing her.

I have to confess, I had no idea about Frozen. But, I heard the song on repeat sitting outside LMC's dance lessons every Monday.

"Let it Go... Let it go... can't hold it back anymore... let it go. Let it go... something about holding it in anymore"

This was to be the dance recital song. So, I downloaded it.

Initially it was...

"Mama, can you please pray the Frozen song?"

It evolved into...

"Mama, will you pleeeaasssseeeee play the Elsa song?"

Until it became...

"Mama, Let's cut on LET IT GO! And, and, and, AND let's play it SUPER LOUD!"

This song. This song. I don't remember being as obsessed with "Under the Sea" and Ariel as they all are with Elsa and Letting it Go. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I suppressed that memory. Whatever. I'm letting it go.

As the girls practiced behind the door, we mothers sat in the waiting room listening to their dance lessons and hearing them sing along to "Let it Go" -- some with better voices than others. None with the ability to both sing and dance at the same time.

LMC had her dress rehearsal and recital last week. I have to admit, I scoffed. $60 for a costume. And we had to buy two of them. $12 per ticket to the recital. And we had six people in attendance. $20 for pictures. $78 a month for lessons. Shoes- because she has growth spurts at the most inopportune times- like the end of the year and the new shoes would be used for about a month.  And we have both tap and ballet shoes.

I scoffed because I am cheap. Cheap - Cheap. Painfully cheap, sometimes. Wheeling and dealing kind of cheap. But, you can't wheel and deal with dance recitals. And you shouldn't. Your husband children will be embarrassed and people will talk about you.

So, I smiled and wrote my checks- happy to ignore my inner cheapskate - happy to see my peanut on stage and cheer on her hard work. Over the moon to see her in sequins and makeup.

Watching from my seat- not just my daughter- but all the daughters up there- I was humbled. I had no idea what kind of good work a dance studio can accomplish in the community. I had no idea that these girls learned more than just the words to "Let It Go." The dance studio where LMC dons her tap shoes and leotard is a fun, loving, and welcoming place. They gain self confidence learning the steps and practicing for the recital. We live 1/4 mile from "THE" ballet company in town. We drive right past it, into the next county over for LMC to have her lessons.

In addition to LMC's class, her studio teaches special needs children ballet- and their parents get to sit in the audience and beam at their daughters as they turn and pliĆ© in their own $60 costume. We all cheered them on- because we were all amazed at the accomplishments of these girls.

I, too, am amazed by my friend who owns the studio. She created this environment for the girls. She makes it a place that people want to bring their daughters. She encapsulates the girls in a positive learning environment which makes them love dance even more. I look forward to next year. Writing my checks, spending my money, sitting for an hour on Mondays and watching my daughter learn more in her tap and ballet shoes. 

And her $60 sequin costume. Times two. 


Aunt Betty said...

the photos alone are worth a Million! You have such cute girls!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Love these photos! You have adorable kiddos!!!

I have never seen Frozen - but I hear it is fabulous! And I do like the "Let It Go" song. :)