Monday, June 9, 2014


My house smells like gardenias. My whole house. Probably because I have fresh clipped gardenias in every room with a handful of teeny tiny roses that I carefully took from the growing bushes in our yard. One of my favorite things to do when Bennie goes down for a nap is take LMC outside with scissors and we pick out the flowers we want to snip. After bringing them inside, LMC gets distracted with "Littlest Pet Shop" (the thing that almost replaces My Little Pony). I rinse them, clip them shorter, remove most of the leaves, and fancy myself a florist as I fuss over the little fragrant bundles of joy.

Bud vases in the bathroom, the kitchen, by my side of the bed, and especially-- especially in the girls' rooms. Ladies should wake up to fresh flowers. Even if we are working with LMC on eating like a lady, she can at least wake up like a lady- with man-size morning breath.

I once said that gardenias made me sad. And to an extent, they do. They are so pretty for just a blip in the summer before the heat overtakes the white blossoms and turns them yellow before brown. While they still smell yummy, their beauty is gone.

I can so clearly remember gardenias in different chapters of my life. Not like other flowers or fashions, but more like music. Who can forget some of the top songs growing up? It comes on the radio and instantly you swirl back to being a kid in carpool, or driving in your first with the song way past the parent approved volume. You go back to college and sitting outside the house with Greek letters thinking these days will never end. Or back to being first married and still found time to dance in the kitchen.

The air is filled with the sweetness from the little white bud and it carries me away, but also plants me so very close in the present with LMC. Maybe when she grows up and moves on, she will walk down the sidewalk and a gardenia will catch her olfactory by surprise and she will remember putting her sister down for a nap to go outside with her mom to cut flowers for the house?

Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, this time of year-- those flowers! It almost makes up for the suppressing humidity. Mix it with the aroma of the BBQ ribs Brother taught Husband and Wife how to cook last night and we probably have achieved the scent we will find in Heaven.

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