Thursday, May 15, 2014

The water doth flow

The one bathroom was embraced.
The one bathroom that I could get behind and relish in the pinkness.

The one &@^$%# bathroom.

Night before last, Husband was on call and thought he would take some of my chores off my plate- such a sweet guy.

LMC in the bathtub, water running. I am giving Bennie a bath in the kitchen sink- her favorite place to bath. It keeps me chained to the kitchen, so I get to do things I normally dodge like the plague... like the dishwasher or wiping down the countertops.

Husband went to cut off the water in the 1964 pink tiled bathroom with original fixtures and the funniest thing happened.

It would not cut off.

He cut it back on. Sure, it does that. But when he pushed the nozzle back in...


Not nothing as in nothing, rather nothing as in water pouring out of the faucet.

Husband is handy- he is extremely handy, actually. I am one of those crazy lucky girls who has a handy husband. Unlike SIL- Brother is not handy and he cannot even blame the stroke for it.

LMC got out of the bathtub and into jammies. While we snuggled on the couch watching Nina and Star, Husband went to tinkering on the plumbing plate that holds all those 1964 parts in the pink tiled wall.

He got the water to stop- for the moment.

An urgent text message to Eddie the Plumber (that would be Eddie Weigle- the greatest plumber in the world. I love me some Eddie. He's as good as gold in my book) and he was ready to drop his supper to come help us. Husband told him that he tempered the situation, but please to put us on the books for the next day.

Eddie's news was not what we had hoped for, but nothing we did not already expect as he had warned us before.

The thing is... this house was built in 1964 with 1964 American Standard parts. We live in 2014. Things are improved in 2014. Better in 2014. Plumbing is different in 2014. And, well, they just don't make parts for 1964 plumbing. 1922 plumbing- yes. Because people want to keep those antique pieces because they are beautiful. But 1964? Honestly. Who wants a pink toilet? Who shops for those specifically? Or the deco modernness of modernity of this kind of shower handle...

totally took this in the bathtub with my iPhone. There is no light in there right now, so you get to see the beauty of a flash!

Not me. Well, it would not be my first choice. But, if my options were ripping out my bathroom or buying a "new" one of those numbers-- sign me up. I can flip my hair and embrace the 60s modern.

Eddie takes a look at Husband's work, applauds him on saving the evening- but, as always- Eddie ALWAYS saves the day! He worked a little magic with the parts on his magic bus and bought us some time. He said, "I don't know if I bought you a month or a few years- but you have time. Start saving."

John's coming out today (hopefully) to give us a ballpark to pull out the pink tile, pink tub, and pink toilet. We will replace these beauties and the pink and white tile floor. We can keep the sinks and faucets. But the cabinets and counters will need to be updated. Don't get me wrong- the pseudo pink faux marble is nice but, well, it just isn't me.

And then we start saving. A lot.  Thoughts? Ideas? Donations? I will graciously and happily accept them all.

Cheers to home ownership! Cheers to renovations!

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