Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer, Day 2

School gets out so early here. Even before I knew there was another way, I complained that school should get out later than May 4 and kids should go back closer to Labor Day than the Fourth of July. This year the we got out on May 20. An improvement from early May, but early- just the same.

I have bought my daughters' love in this moment with Doc McStuffins and breakfast bars, so my feet are popped up on our kitchen table and I am uploading photos from the past few days.

Summer, Day 2- and it will be an easy day that will probably involve pajamas until noon and minor messes in the kitchen. LMC is t-i-r-e-d. Crazy tired. She went to Lake Camp over the weekend for Cousin's baby shower (Babies are popping up everywhere around here! Still no word on Sister's baby boy- coming any moment.). We went to Lake Camp and came home for a school carnival and last day of school. We spent the better part of yesterday at the pool with friends. While no marathon day that we were used to from summers gone by, it was still four hours in the hot sun and very cold water.

Bennie was a fan.
LMC was a fan.
Mama was a fan.

Bennie went down for a nap when we got home and I had to wake her up at 6pm. She went back down for bed at 8:30. That's what I call a good day spent outside.

While we were at the pool, Husband, Brother, and family went out to play a little round of golf at a little golf course we have around here. More on that later.

The girls gave their teachers end-of-the-year presents of homemade butter and fresh chicken eggs from the grandparent's house.

My parents have chickens. Four- one for each grandchild.

The only thing that topped what my kids brought was Nephew's gift to his teachers. Yesterday, he and I made homemade butter, which produced fresh buttermilk. We transformed the buttermilk into old-school ranch dressing. That rascal took fresh eggs, homemade butter, and old-school ranch for his teachers.

SIL tried to get him to leave one of the jars of Ranch dressing at home- but proud Nephew said, "NOPE! Aunt Wife and I made this for my teachers."

We look like Frontier People.

Today, I have some fresh herbs that were hijacked from my dad's garden and will make SIL her own batch. Number One Aunt and SIL- right here.

I just wanted to share that tiny little duck curl on the back of her head!

The natives are getting restless... I will cut this short until nap time. The natives being one. Just one native is getting restless. Bennie has canoodled her way out of her chair and is opening cabinets. You'd think she would have learned her lesson last time when she broke a Pyrex baking dish and got glass in her foot ... and her leg.


Today, she is going more for the chemicals under the sink, the blade to the food processor, and the cheese graters.


"Mama, why Bennie's middle name 'Danger'?"

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Betty Sullivan cox said...

please share your ranch dressing recipe! This Elizabeths (mama bits) aunt.