Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No change

The baby sits.
The baby incubates.
The baby is resting comfortable in Sister's womb, readying himself for the world.

After hours at the hospital and no further progression, they sent her home in the wee hours of Sunday morning to rest comfortably in her own bed. The in-laws were almost immediately on the road to help, as only a mother can do.

Sunday passed to Monday with the contractions weakening but still ever present. Constant text messages and phone calls between us and the soon-to-be daddy about symptoms, changes, and updates, with the bottom line being no change and no baby today.

Sister's doctor gave her the first appointment for Monday morning and said that everything is as it should be.

No changes.

He's low, but he's not here. Yet.

He's coming and it will be soon- but it was not yesterday.

And it was not this morning.

Tomorrow is a full moon, and MIL - who birthed five of these suckers and was around for a dozen grandchildren and a handful of nieces- said that tomorrow will be the day. We shall see.

My money is always on MIL for being right. At least when it comes to birthing babies.

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