Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lucky 13

Here we sit. And we wait.

The last time I was in a waiting room, the time was not as joyous- but the anticipation was just as real. We sit and we wait for Lucky #13.

Sister is having a baby.

This morning Husband and Wife laid in bed, sleeping silently when the simultaneous buzz of two phones and the announcement that Lucky was on the way. Showered, dressed, and on the road within twenty minutes, we head down the road to college town.

In truth, I have never been good at waiting. Waiting should be one of those virtues we need to learn as we develop our character.

Husband, FIL, and MIL are sitting in the waiting room, playing on phones and watching the news- all pretending that they have nerves of steel. All knowing that the baby of the family is having a baby. I wish I had my ear buds to listen to music. With music, I can weave words and tell a story, tying one thing into another.

But not today.

I, too, am excited about the change in our family.

A very happy three year old little boy just walked in with his dad to the quiet room I found. He's a big brother. I want to tell him about how great my big brother is. Because, looking at my husband, I see how great it is to be on this side of the waiting room door.

In the meantime, Sister's husband just told us that it is time. Lucky is coming.

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