Monday, May 12, 2014

Bookshelves and the den

Remember this?

Well, this isn't right now. That was then- and this is now.

Now is different than then. 

Come around the corner from the garage door and step into the kitchen. See Baby Bennie eating a lunch of pasta salad, butter beans, squash, and apple juice. 

And well, since I am MOTY-- I am not sitting next to hear, reading Little Einsteins and singing Mozart while tatting her wedding veil. Nope, I'm drinking Diet Coke, having just finished my turkey sandwich (always my lunch of choice. And breakfast. And dinner- only with chardonnay instead of a Diet Coke) and thought that the den is the cleanest it has been in months, so why not post an update on the house? 

Sorry, Bennie. I'll be a better mother tomorrow. Right now, LMC is at school and I have about 15 minutes before I have to run out the door to grab her. Enjoy Mickey Mouse.

You saw the "before" ... here is the "after" ...

Right? RIGHT? It's pretty amazing, isn't it?

I don't want to joke about OCD or Type A personalities, but I have a confession to make.

I organized my books by both height and color.
White with white. Large to tiny.
Red with red. Tall to small.

Is this book blue or gray? Looks more blue than gray.

What thirty something has this many old books? Me.

I freaking love old things, especially old books. I have mentioned before that I am a novice genealogist and I find great old clues in these old books- which is currently leading to a future blog post in my mind.  Over the past six months, Mama and Daddy have been cleaning out their shelves and closets. They are fairly dividing up things between SIL and me.

The two chickens above, the one on the bottom left and the one on the right of the middle shelf, were gifts from Prom Queen over the years. Her mother is an artist (and a dang good one, too) and her art litters our walls and shelves. These little guys make me incredibly happy. Wait until you get to see the bedroom-- we have a water color she did of The Clubhouse. Amazing.

And proof again- I might not be MOTY, but I do make sure she is not choking.

To the left of the fireplace is our copper fish. It was a gift from Husband's siblings for our wedding. It's a three-dimensional cut out on two tone copper designed and built for us by an artist outside of Atlanta. It took my breath away when they presented it to us at our rehearsal dinner all those years ago. We have had it hanging proudly in all of our homes since. She made the trip to DC and back again.

Sometime in March, FIL and MIL found an old saw mill in South Georgia. The owner had died and his wife, whom I envision being a little older than Methuselah, is sitting on his inventory- in no hurry to get rid of it.

FIL and MIL drive up to the mill one day with nothing more to do than ride dirt roads. MIL finds a piece of wood that is pretty. Methuselah scoffs at her and throws an incredibly large number out. MIL would not be outdone. FIL steps back as MIL mentally cracks her knuckles and prepares to negotiate with the woman who probably babysat Jesus Christ himself.

Who walked out with two pieces of lumber for their son?

My in-laws, that's who.

Isn't it beautiful? Husband sanded it, drilled holes in the back, and mounted it. The difference in the space is astounding.

On the right of the mantle is an old tea cup that was my great grandmother's. My parents gave it to me when I lived in Milledgeville and I had a kitchen with turquoise appliances. I know nothing about the little cup, other than it is really pretty and has all of my favorite colors in it.

G'Grandmother was an army wife of an officer. Can't you just picture a middle aged woman hosting teas in other countries with other wives of other officers? Their hair perfectly set, the ankles perfectly crossed, my mind... perfectly wandering.

Turn around from the fireplace and there is our sofa.

Yes, it has a lot of pillows on it. And Star, LMC's buddy- a remnant from last night. Husband hates all the pillows. I am not a raging fan of them either. But, they help us not to beat up the sofa. Without them, the back pillows quickly collapse and it makes the sofa look much older than the age.

Quick check on Bennie...

She is getting a little unimpressed with Mickey Mouse and Mama's camera.

On the top left bookshelf are more family pass-downs. In the middle is a Tobacco Leaf soup tureen. When Husband's great aunt Mimi passed away several years ago, MIL spoke up for this for us. I was pleased as punch! It was in our pea-pod-green kitchen on Raymond Ave before we packed it in a box for three years. She has moved around the house a bit, but I think this will be a long term resting pace.

The thing on the right looks like nothing, right?

Forgive me, FIL, but it took convincing by Husband that this would always be on display in our house. When I first saw it, it was ugly.

It still is.

But, the little guy has grown on me. And not because it is an O.L. Samuels piece. He is just a little ram, clueless that he is carved out of wood and has gold puffy-paint stripes. LMC really likes him- so we have to keep him out of reach, otherwise- she will play ponies with him and her Barbie dolls.

And check out the noodle horse on the bottom left. It's the new favorite pet of the house. LMC runs around the house screaming, "Yippee Kie YAY!" Dad is no longer cool on all fours, tromping around- it's this guy- Noodle. Noodle was a parting gift from a friend's birthday party with a Derby Day theme.

Slow and steady. We're coming together bit by bit.

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