Sunday, April 20, 2014

Where did it go?

So, I looked up today and realized that a month has gone by in a blink. Perhaps I should have given up my blog for Lent instead of my plan for time. I would have succeeded better at the blog than the time.

But, that's not the point.

Where did it go?

How 'bout I answer that tomorrow? Really there is not much to say, but if I put this off one second longer, than there would be nothing to hold me accountable other than the foyer that sat as my latest blog posting for a month.

MIL turned 60.
There was a wedding. A wonderful wedding full of love. And I wore a blue dress, gave a toast, danced, and bribed the flower girl with lots and lots of lip gloss. It was the most fun.
We had a golf tournament.
There were eggs that needed dying.
Baby Bennie started walking.
The family came to visit. Aunts, cousins, and all those fun people that come with spring and golf tournaments. For ten days, The Manor was a revolving door.
In nine days, we will have been home owners of The Money Pit [AKA: The Manor] for a year.

Much to say, much to say.

But, it's for tomorrow- not today.

Today, Husband is on call and there are pictures to edit and TV to catch up on. It's Easter. And this Easter was very different than my last three Easters. Good, but different nonetheless. Preacher Man did not return thanks at our table. We did not eat off DC china. But, we celebrated with love, laughter, and the promise that Spring brings.

Tomorrow. I promise.

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