Monday, April 28, 2014

New Bed!

Ok, total disclaimer- there are no pictures on this post. Sorry about that.

Husband and Wife made a plan about a year ago. When Husband got his first real paycheck, we were going to buy the following items:

- New towels
- New under-roos for the adults
- New pillows
- King size bed

The sheets we slept on, the towels we used, and the under-roos we wore were thread-baren and older than I care to confess to. Sheets and towels were mostly wedding gifts or purchased early in our marriage with store credits. These were sacrifices we made in our home to put a roof over our head, haircuts for all, and food on the table. These little things were things we did not need and we were the only ones that knew our undergarments had seen better days.

They were holy. But not religious.

At the top of the list, but the bottom of the needs, was the king size bed. Our queen bed treated us just fine and was quite comfortable. Why should it not be? The sheets were so soft because they were so dang old. From age and use, the bed was supple and wonderful. Yeah I said it- use.

So, that first paycheck came rolling in back in August. At the end of August. The very end. Thirty something days after Husband started work and about sixty something days after his last (tiny DC) paycheck. In those sixty something days, there was a mortgage payment + a rent payment.

And a twelve hundred dollar power bill.

Suffice it to say, those towels, under-roos, pillows, and bed were going to be pushed back a month until September. French drains cost how much? Thinking of September, I will go ahead and reference back to the fact we, let's just call a spade a spade, we got drunk and bought a bed at an auction. Not a king- but a bed came home with us.

October would be our month. Really, October would be better for us anyway.

But, November could work? Wait- Christmas and a tax bill loomed on the horizon. Husband's grandmother gave us new towels. She must have heard our plight and we were ever thankful to cross one thing off our list. Under-roos, pillows, sheets, and a bed were left.

January. We will start the year off right. New pillows. New under-roos. New bed. Just kidding.

February... March...

APRIL! April was it.

Taxes paid. Children clothed. Tuition covered. Hair cut.

The bed was ordered.

We did not get drunk and buy a bed. We had ten months to figure it out. Rather, we researched and contemplated and planned and discussed and Husband finally relinquished the reins to me and my wants. Awesome guy.

The bed came this weekend and we spent the better part of Sunday disassembling the guest room, moving beds, breaking down the old queen bed and moving it into the new home of that same guest room and putting it together. It appears as though we have more beds than rooms- a far cry from where I started.

I remember when I first graduated from college and took poor to a new level. I rented a house with maroon carpet and three bedrooms for $500 a month. I only had one bed- a double, that was a hand-me-down from my parents. One of the two extra rooms had a sleeping bag and pillow rolled out on the floor. I might have been poor, but my guests were always welcome!

The new bed is awesome.
I love it.
It's huge.
How did we ever survive on a queen bed for so long?

Now- to get those under-roos. Priorities. Clearly mine are in the right order.

I will regale you with the tale of assembling the bed, the box spring, and the rest of it another day. Tap is ending and LMC is running out the door with her new patent dance shoes. tap tap tap tap tap tap "Mama! Hurry up!"

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Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

"They were holy. But not religious."
Best. Quote. Ever.

Glad you like your bed. Aren't kings the best?!