Tuesday, April 22, 2014

About yesterday.

I talked a big game about updating yesterday, but apparently- I lied.

Sorry about that.

I never realized that I would be so busy doing "nothing." Nothing being children, a house, a husband, and all those things I piously scoffed at when other homemakers would talk about how busy they were.

It's just a house. It's just a family. It's just life.

It was when I was sitting at ballet with LMC when I realized that the day was almost over and I had not touched my computer, nor could I find my phone. How 'bout we rehash the last thirty days quick so we can start fresh?

We drove to Athens for Husband's sister's baby shower. She needs a name for the blog. She needs a name because there is a baby on the way and we are seeing so much more of them now that we live less than two hours apart and her husband works in Hometown. But what to name her? I'll think on that.

She is a teacher and he is in law enforcement. They are going to make wonderful parents, and not just because they have wonderful friends. Husband and I have both said to each other, to his parents, and to them- that they have amazing friends and have such a strong network of people to help support them in this next stage of their lives. They are lucky.

The next weekend we drove down to Smalltown to celebrate MIL turning 60 47.  We had a surprise party for her at the arts center and asked everyone to write down a fun memory of MIL or something that they learned from MIL.

There were some really sweet ones. Like this from Husband's second sister:

Preacher Man returned thanks for our meal, this precious woman, and the amazing family that goes along with her. (myself included in that "amazing" department)  It was, by far, the most fun I have had at a birthday party for anyone turning 60! Young and old, near and far- friends and family came to celebrate this woman who reared five children. There could be a whole blog post on her turning 60, but let's leave it with the bottom line of We Had Fun.

Thursday night, we spent the night at Beth's and enjoyed ourselves with her pregnant self, her husband, and her puppies. By the end of the night, she had us convinced that we needed to relocate to Smalltown to raise babies and grow old with them on golf cart rides, supper clubs, country clubs, and PTAs. It sounded blissfully simple and blissfully fulfilling. We started researching homes. And PICUs. And Catholic churches. And Catholic education opportunities. And came to the conclusion that this life could not provide the things we needed to make it a reality.

Perhaps we could convince Beth to relocate to Hometown from Smalltown? I'm not holding my breath.

Friday and Saturday we spent the night on the farm with the in-laws and all those cousins. There are twelve cousins if you don't count dogs. I don't. They do. 75 if you add the dogs into the mix. I think. Husband's baby sister is pregnant with #13. Toss in her four dogs and there is a full house when we all get together on the farm outside of Smalltown.

We spent hours hanging out with Husband's older brother and sister on Saturday night. The nine grandchildren ran from the pond to the garden and back again. They played tag, at hamburgers, and were thick as thieves in only the way that cousins can be- instant friends. The baby and Bennie are several months apart and took turns playing with a teapot and being held by either a dad or an uncle- depending on the man doing the holding.

It was a quiet and relaxing evening sitting outside amongst the "no-see-ums" and Spanish moss. We thought back to living down the street from Beth and growing old on golf cart rides as neighbors. And were reminded of that pesky little thing called a J-O-B and that there was no way Smalltown could support Husband's big career.

Sunday, we pack up and headed home. There were more plans and adventures to be had.

Kissing the siblings good-bye as we drove the driveway, we hustled back home with two very tired children who were pumped full of sugar and fresh air. What else do you expect children to be full of after spending a long weekend with grandparents? I certainly can think of nothing else.

The following Friday morning, Husband and I dropped the kids off with my parents and headed down to Savannah for Prom Queen's wedding. This wedding was over a year in the planning and a lifetime in the making. When she called us the year prior, I looked down at the phone to see caller ID. I said to Husband, "This is Prom Queen. She's probably calling to tell us she's engaged. "

And she was.

I screamed in the restaurant and people looked at me like I was some crazy Southern redneck. I didn't care. Prom Queen had found her match.

In looking back on our lives and how they have entertained together, it's amazing to see the very clear path that led her to this man that not only made her the happiest she has ever been, but was ready to get down on one knee and commit his life to her and hers to his.

Prom Queen has four sisters. In all honesty, I always thought she was the youngest of three- no idea #4 and #5 existed until I was an adult. Prom Queen and I spent weeks together on end, talking about everything and nothing... and somehow I had no idea that she was the middle children until about 10 years ago.

Forgive me.

The five girls live in three states, all the way up and down the Eastern seaboard. When they get together, I always tell Prom Queen that I will be on the lookout for the four horsemen to carry the five away- because it just doesn't happen. Not from lack of love, but lack of time and ability.

But, Lawd knows when they get together- they certainly make up for lost time. These five Greek girls are tons of fun and I was so thrilled to get to be a part of Prom Queen's big day.

Now, I have a confession to make.

You think you were a pretty bride?
I thought I was a pretty bride?
You thought Kate Middleton was a pretty bride?

You certainly did not see Prom Queen walk down the aisle. She was, no other word, She was breathtaking. She was the most beautiful bride I had ever seen. 

And it was not just because she was so clearly in love. She was. But, she was timeless. And lovely. And thrilled for it to be her turn to have her Husband at the end of the aisle.

Probably just as thrilled as he was to be on the receiving end. They, okay, I think I am starting to gush.

How about I leave it at this-- The wedding was amazing. The couple is so very much in love. The family was awesome. It was the most fun I have ever had at a wedding.

After the wedding, we had a little golf tournament that completely encompasses ten days for us. We hosted a BBQ, went to several parties, had a revolving door of guests at the manor, paid an arm and a leg for babysitters and were ready to crawl under the bed and hide by Sunday. 

It was fun. So much so, that I did not take a single picture. 

After Masters week, it was Easter. We had an Easter party at LMC's little school, complete with a relay race and a 55 degree day.

It was cold. 

So, there we are- the last thirty-ish days that probably should have been four blogs instead of all rolled into one.

Forgive me. Now, we can start fresh. Still come visit me? Please? I won't do this again.

Okay, I'll try not to do it again.

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