Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A post about china

Shocking, I know. Not the country, rather the dishes.

I have two sets of chargers for my formal china- six turquoise and six blue (or cornflower). The edges of the chargers have a dainty filigree pattern around the edges and are by Mottahedeh. The service plates really make the Tobacco Leaf really *pop* on a dining room table.

But, let's be honest- the Tobacco Leaf makes the Tobacco Leaf pop.

These puppies are $125 a piece- so I prefer to find them in estates.
Or gently loved.
New with tags.
Or let's just tell it like it is- I shop at Goodwill, on Craigslist, or- most often- eBay. (Champagne tastes... beer budget)

The pattern of the chargers is called [color] Lace. There are ten colors.

Okay, now that all that useless useful information has been established, I came to the conclusion this Christmas that I needed to started collecting the Red Lace chargers. They would look great with my Christmas china and with my fancy pants china.

I start googling.

Now, let's just turn this post into a Public Service Announcement.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT google anything with the words "r-e-d" "l-a-c-e" and "c-h-i-n-a" without first closing your eyes.

Because there are, apparently, a lot of girls named China.
And red lace is something that is, apparently, popular for underroos.

Looks like the underroo gods are sending me a message? Spend money on underroos before china. And I am not talking about the girl.

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Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Haha! Okay, I will definitely not be helping you research these! Especially because I'm at work right now. :)

Totally hilarious!