Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Fraternity House

We have power.
We have Internet.
We have a fridge and freezer- both working.
We have lights.

It was when I was able to cut the lights on and looked around did I make the startling realization that our house looks like it should be on Milledge Ave with greek letters hanging over the door.

There were beds in rooms that were not bedrooms. Sheets hang over windows and blankets cover doors. Wine bottles intermingle with empty Capri Suns and meal remnants litter the counter.

There were dishes in the bathtub and the backyard is a mess. Our sole mode of communication and tether to the outside world were our smartphones, which had to be charged in the car.

All of our meals were cooked on the grill and sleeping on the couch is in preference to sleeping in a bed. Friends coming and going at all hours certainly did nothing to change the attitude that the fraternity house is coming back in style.

It was... interesting.

On Saturday, people started to slowly get power back. I looked at Husband and said, "We are going to church. NOW. WeneedsomeJesus."

When we finally came home did we discover that our power flicked on only seven minutes prior.

Seven glorious minutes.

Now, to get this Fraternity house boxed back up and put away for another ice storm. That's the trick.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for Divine intervention! --nb