Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Grocery Shopping in 43 pictures

I wish I could say that it was a cold day.
It wasn't.
I wish I could say that it was rainy.
It wasn't.
I wish that I could say that this plan was researched and reconned.
It wasn't.

It was, in spite all these things, an excellent way to spend two hours. Yes, you saw that. We went grocery shopping for two hours. Perhaps the pictures will help explain why ... and before you get too far into this... I am posting all 43 pictures. Don't worry, I took 266 pictures and was able to cull it down to 43. You're welcome.

These two young ladies are thick as thieves. SIL and I are going to be in for a world of hurt in the next 10 to 20 years. It'll be hard, but it will be fun. No doubt about that.

This morning, I purchased LMC's newest toy- the little buggy she is pushing- from Craigslist. The mother I bought it from said that she has been really sad to see it go. Her 6 year old daughter played with it for years. She was glad it was going to a good home. I told her that I had a plan for this toy.

In DC, all the grocery stores give away balloons and have pint size grocery carts. So cute. LMC and I would go to the Tweeter when we were bored and I would let her push the buggy up and down the aisles. My mother, in her infinite wisdom, saw the pictures of my sweet baby in her snow great and quickly asked where her *@^# groceries were?

So, today- on the 64 degree warm, sunshiny day- Niece, LMC, and I set off with buggies in the back of the car. They didn't see them until I told them to turn around.

"YESSSS!" they screamed.

They promised me best behavior. And best behavior is exactly what I got. Even at the end, when they had to decide-- for themselves-- who was going to check out first, there were no fights. There were, however, several "MEEEEs" screamed by the two of them. But, they didn't fight. 

I dropped off Bennie with Pixie (my mom) and asked her for two credit cards.

"TWO?!" she scoffed.
"Yes, two."
"How about one?"
"How about two?"
She starts digging in her purse. "Okay, How about $15?" she bargains.
"TOTAL," she said firmly.

"Just give me two credit cards- they will only be allowed to buy whatever is in their buggy. And the buggies are small."
"Okay, here is my debit card."
"And what?"
"Tell me- how would you like me to explain to them why we only have one card? Just give me a second one. It all comes out of the same pot."
A scoff.
"Here, take this. But, I want receipts! And I need my cards back."
"thanks!" A kiss and we are off.

Employees of Publix came out of the woodwork to see these precious two girls grocery shopping with their own carts. Several times we were stopped by fellow shoppers asking where we found the buggies- I guess they thought they were stashed somewhere in the store.  

The deli girls went nuts when they saw the cousins. More than once, we were asked if they were twins. (because, clearly, they look so much alike....)

They discussed what they wanted, what they wanted to try, and things they did not want-- like fruit. They were not in the mood for buying fruit. My guess is that they knew it would take up too much room in the buggy and not for it's matter of being a health conscious food.

I showed them how to scoot their buggy out of the way when a traffic jam came around.

"Girls, what do we do? There's someone coming up our aisle."
In unison, "Excuse me!" and they scooted their little buggies out of the way.

As we concluded our trip, we passed by the flowers and Niece said, "Aunt Wife- can we please get Pixie some flowers?"
"YEAH!" screamed LMC.
"Sure," I said, "Go ahead and pick out whichever ones you want."
Niece chose the red tulips and LMC chose the pink tulips.

As we were getting in line to check out, I grabbed a basket and turned it upside down so they could reach into the buggy to get their items out and put them on the conveyer belt. One by one Niece put an item on the belt and waited for it to get to the cashier before she rang it up and put it in the bag. A second item on the belt, let it slide away, get rung up and then bagged... before a third item hit the belt.

"Aunt Wife? Do I get to use swipe my card?"
"Absolutely! This is your trip."

Niece moved the basket down to the end and slid her card before completing her transaction.

LMC did the exact same thing, down to completing the transaction. The cashier and bag boy were all incredibly friendly and excited to help these two young shoppers with their experience. They pushed their buggies out and all the way to the car before loading up and telling everyone, "Thank you!"

Even Niece knew to check her receipt, which I thought was excellent form....

It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and I would highly recommend it to anyone that has a pint size buggy.

Just don't tell Pixie that one spent $37 and the other spent $59... I didn't say it was cheap, I said it was fun.

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