Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I might be lacking in this mothering business- but I am kicking some serious tail at Aunting.

The other day, Niece said, "Wife- you make the very best Ranch dressing."

Talk about a compliment. I love some Ranch dressing. It's a bad running joke in my family- one that I get annoyed with, quite frankly. But, in the end- it's the truth. I like a side of ranch dressing with my french fries. And I like french fries when we go out to eat.

I asked Niece if she would like to come over one day soon and I can show her how to make my secret Ranch dressing recipe. Her eyes grew wide and said she could only be so lucky to learn the secret. In the meantime, could I just tell her how to do it?

Niece... let's see... we add a little milk.
And then some mayonnaise.
Some spices and sour cream.
That's it? -- she asked.
That's it. -- I replied.
"But, don't tell anyone, it's my secret recipe."

First thing that rascal did as soon as she got in the car with her mom that afternoon....

"Mama, I know how Aunt Wife makes her Ranch dressing. She makes the BEST Ranch dressing. She told me her secret recipe."

And then proceeds to spill my secret!

"But, Mama-- don't tell anyone. It's a secret."

The next day, Niece came over. I pulled out two identical bowls, two spatulas, two sets of measuring spoons, and two whisks. I asked LMC to grab her grocery buggy and we headed into the pantry to go grocery shopping for the items we needed. We pushed the buggy around the pantry, gathering supplies, before easing over to the refrigerator and picking up the cold ingredients.

I had no idea how excited Niece was about getting to make Ranch dressing with Aunt Wife. She told her friends about it. She told her mom about it. She even told me about it! She listened to everything I said and asked me plenty of questions.

"Why are we adding this?"
"Why do we whisk it?"
"When do we use the spatula?"
"What does this do?"

And the most important one...

"Do I get to take mine home?"

One by one, I doled out the ingredients and told each how to measure and what they needed to add. Whisking everything, we pulled this Ranch dressing together, tasting along the way. What was so interesting is that... no matter how much you tell the girls how to do it, it is still going to be their creation, meaning that four and a half year olds and five years old only follow directions just so well...

After they ran off to play, I corrected the errors of too much on the left (LMC) and too little on the right (Niece), combining them to create two equal jars of yumminess for Niece to take home and LMC to have with her supper.

hashtag AOTY.
hashtag MOTY.


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Wanting What I Have said...

LOVED seeing another "life of Cagle" post pop up in my reader! You're too cute with those girls!!!