Monday, December 2, 2013

Mom's purse

I have this great Kate Spade purse I bought a few years ago. It's black leather with a white polka dot lining. It's been my diaper bag, my cooler, my accessory, and my accessory holder, among other things. My SIL told me not too long ago that it was time for me to stop carrying a canvas bag and buy a real purse. I told her I had one, it was just in the closet. So, I busted it out several weeks ago.

Lately, the purse has been getting heavier and heavier and it came time to clean it out. So, I'm sitting here with a half emptied purse before me and a computer beside me... I had to share the contents of what Kate holds...

Bennie's immunization forms
a box that held a present for my birthday
a receipt from Manuel's
Super Floss dental floss
a receipt from Family Dollar
one sock, mine
Georgetown Tobacco matches- the oversized ones
one sock, Husband's
my debit card (loose)
church tithing envelopes (12)
a receipt from Bed Bath and Beyond
two pens
one baby spoon
lip gloss
two more tithing envelopes
Splenda (and no, I didn't steal it from a restaurant, I prefer it to Sweet and Low and keep it stocked.)
black and red necklace from a Georgia game
an appointment reminder for Bennie's doctor's appointment... from October
one more tithing envelope
half of a Mum (teething cracker)
the top to a bottle
dental card
one very large safety pin
pink nail polish
two crayons- broken
one Mickey Mouse puzzle piece
two highlighters
26 plastic toothpicks (no, I don't use toothpicks. I was cleaning up in a hurry and they got brushed into the purse and have not made their way out yet)
four buttons
driver's license
one diaper
a second appointment reminder card... for January
a grocery list (feta, milk, crabmeat, and goat cheese)
another tithing envelope
One ribbon- Niece's
second tube of lip gloss-- cherry flavored
regular sized matches from Georgetown Tobacco
flint and steel set-- you know, in case I need to start a fire and can't find my matches
One sock, LMC's
two Lifesavers
77 cents, in change
correction-- 84 cents, in change
one more correction-- $1.13, in change
three rosaries

Clearly-- all the necessities one needs.

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