Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas- on the farm

Husband grew up in a small town. Like- they still string lights from the courthouse square every Christmas kind of small town. 

This is the same town his mother grew up in- and his father. MIL walked on this same wall with her grandmother when she was a little girl. They would go see her grandfather who worked on the top floor of the courthouse in the corner office of the east side of the building. He'd wave at her from the window and give her money to buy a cherry coke from one of the two drug stores downtown.

We came down south for a bit of a surprise visit. They knew we were coming, but they did not know we would show up a day early. We are getting to rub more than just two days together down in this little town.

Yesterday, the majority of the cousins came over to help MIL and FIL decorate their tree. She'd find the ornaments of their parents and pass them off to hang them. FIL held Bennie and directed traffic.

After hanging ornaments, the kids decorated sugar cookies that MIL baked. They made fairies (angels), stars, snowmen, and they were all covered in an abundance of sprinkles and red hots.

The tree needed more ornaments, the cookies needed more sugar.

The kids needed to hear a Christmas story while the adults sat around the table for an extra few minutes. MIL, FIL, two of the three sisters, one of the two brothers, one great-grandmother and this girl ate on Christmas china and drank from happy, old glasses.

The kids needed to help with more decorations.

And the youngest found what she wanted for Christmas. I get it. Diamonds are fun.

It's a quiet day and we are heading down the dirt road in a few minutes to make our way to the next town over for lunch and Christmas shopping.

"Our holidays were always such a mess, dad."
"Oh, yeah!"
"How'd you get through it?"
"I had a little help from Jack Daniels."
- Christmas Vacation

I get it- now that I am older. I get it.

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