Monday, November 25, 2013

The Kitchen!


I have to be honest, but the kitchen is too messy to photograph right now. I went to the grocery store yesterday (the first time in over a month) and spent $200- without a drop of wine. One of the managers saw me and asked if I needed a second buggy.

I told her, "Thanks, but no. That would just be embarrassing."

The grocery bags are in a bag on the floor, waiting to be tossed.

LMC and I made food for Bennie and put those little containers in the freezer... the Cuisinart is in the sink.

The girls and I went to church on Saturday night and the bulletin sits beside me- next to a rag that LMC used to blow her nose and a container of wipes. I cleaned out my car and there sits a few old bottles within olfactory distance. My stove is clean and those poinsettias that were going to look so beautiful on my front porch are an arm's length away.

Just an FYI- poinsettias are not an outdoor plant. And the berries are poisonous. They really are the perfect thing to have around with small children, especially the kind of small children that like to put everything in their mouth. They will be staying on the counter until I can a good home for them out of a baby's reach.

The table is being set in the dining room- which has doubled as my office for a few weeks and all those papers are now at the edge of the counter, next to the bananas and the duster.

Like I said- it ain't fit for company today. But, Housekeeper Katie comes on Wednesday and that's when we will get all this in line. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, LMC had her Thanksgiving pageant at her preschool last Wednesday and it was really sweet. She and Niece walked in side by side dressed as Indians. The kids got to pick out their names. One boy chose Sleeping Giraffe (he wanted "peei*g giraffe" because that's what they do, but the teacher coaxed him to something a little more appropriate. Giraffes + Indians = I get it), a little girl chose the obvious Pocahanatas. Our kids? Niece was Darth Vadar and LMC was Princess Fluttershy.

We were proud.

The kids made decorations for the tables where the families had a Thanksgiving feast. There were placemats with finger prints, little tipis (I googled it- yes, that is spelled correctly), and maize-- not to be confused with corn. At the end of the day, the children rounded up their school-made treasures and we headed home.

Cool-- my kid learned about the pilgrims and Indians. Thanksgiving lesson-- check.

The Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria will probably be next year. The Trail of Tears-- a few years later, but Indians and how they saved the Pilgrims... done.


Fast forward to the next day and LMC is playing with her little tipi made of sticks and a paper plate (clearly authentic) and started asking me questions about Indians and tipis.

Mom, why do Indians have tipis?
Well, they sleep in them at night to keep them warm and dry.
Why do tipis have sticks?
The Plains Indians were nomads and the equipment for making tipis was lightweight and could easily go on their backs as they traveled.

A few more questions and then...

Mom, are Indians good swimmers?
"Oh YES!" I say emphatically, "Indians are excellent swimmers. They were very resourceful and could fish with their bare hands."
Are they better swimmers than people?

crickets chirping in the background. The girl who says nomad to her child and references the Plains Indians is speechless... deadpan.

Finally, I say, "Yes, Indians are people, too."

HUNH?! Indians are people?

Indeed. They are people just like you and me.

MOTY... Thanksgiving lesson. Failed.

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Lauren said...

Love this. We get similarly stunning questions from our brood occasionally and I just look at Husband (mine, not yours) and say, "Homeschooling for the win, right?"

Also, you TOTALLY got me with your post title when I saw it in my sidebar. Dang you!! Can't wait to see when you *actually* post about it.