Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A moment

We packed our bags last week, left home to head home. My mom said over and over that we should  leave the kids with them- it'll be easier to get around the city without one or even two children who have to have their hands held, their diapers changed, their bottles fixed, their potty breaks reminded.

I told her she was crazy. I didn't know what I would do in the city without them.

We loaded two rolling bags, one Minnie Mouse bag, a diaper bag, and a bag of toys onto the airplane and pointed northward. It was amazing to see the lights of the city through my little window as we touched down by the Potomac. The air felt a little lighter. Husband and I held hands a little longer with LMC. Even Bennie bounced a little more happily in her carrier.

We caught a cab which deposited us at The Fairmont in Georgetown. Pretty swanky and definitely the most kid-friendly hotel we have ever stayed. Husband looked at me as we pulled out of the airport and said, "Damn, it feels good to be home."

Husband and Wife walked to breakfast every morning, found burger joints that served amazing milkshakes, went to our favorite restaurant in Woodley Park and toted those two kids with us as we never learned how to do it any other way. Husband had a conference he had to attend, but would join up with us in the afternoon for whatever adventure we were on that day.

This is why they call her "Mama Bits" (also, please note the lipstick LMC wanted to put on for An-Ew)
We met up with our favorite friends and made a trek to the zoo. An-Ew and LMC saw each other and it was as if no time has passed. The two brothers and their ever-companion for three years ran around the zoo, ate fruit snacks, fed animals, and did not scream at a single chicken. Bennie had her diaper changed on a park bench and a lunch of hotdogs fed both our souls and our stomachs as it felt so wonderful to be with our people and know that the Mama Tribe was within an arms distance. After hours walking up and down the zoo, we headed to Mama Bits' new house that they recently purchased. The large windows, the awesome floors, and ohhh- the space. It is as if it were made for them.

After a day at the zoo, pizza for supper, trains, Legos, and mess after mess- we gave our friends hugs and called a cab.

The next day, we discovered that our friends were all ill-- they caught something somewhere that we, thankfully, missed.

Not missing a beat, LMC, Bennie, and I made our way to Rose Park for swinging with other kids- only a handful speaking English- the rest speaking French, Spanish, German, and something I had no idea what it was. LMC found a common language amongst them all-- play. Sophia, a French girl, pushed LMC on a bike before Guiton, a German boy, grabbed the hands of both the girls and pulled them to the slide. I pushed Bennie on the swing and watched my little girl make friends with such ease and saw her smile and laugh. It was one of those surreal moments, knowing it will be gone in a blip, but in this moment- it was all perfect.

The next day, our last full day there, I waited 45 minutes for a bus that never showed. WMATA tested both my frugality and my patience. It was cold. My nose was running. LMC was being awesome. It was only when Bennie's wheels started to fall of and she couldn't stop crying (probably from the frost bite?) did I admit defeat and hail a cab to take us the 1.5 miles down to the Natural History Museum where LMC could run, run, run and I could chase her.

Husband met up with us after lunch and we strolled down to the American History museum where we ran around some more. We spent time together as our little family of four doing things we always love to do. After he left to head back for his presentation, Mama Bits picked us up and took us to the library where we would meet up with the rest of the Tribe.

After getting kicked out of the library-- ("Excuse me, the adults should be modeling good behavior for the children." -- all from a hug and a HI! when the second round of mom and kids showed up.) we headed over to Tunnicliff's for dinner. The children crawled under the table, ate their dinner under the table and the mom's talked, laughed, and parented whichever kid was closest to them. The moms were outnumbered nine to five. We made it work, we tipped well, and enjoyed those few quick moments we got to spend together.

LMC, Bennie, and I called another cab, and headed back to our home, The Fairmont.

The last day, we packed our bags, took one last trip to Rose Park, picked more leaves to take home, and finally hailed that last cab to take us to the airport. We loaded those same bags onto the same plane that took us home. I held my hand on the glass of the window for a few moments as we took off. Husband held my hand, leaned over and said, "Don't worry- we'll be back soon enough. Let's get home. Our family misses us and I am ready to see them."

He was right. We are where we belong, but it sure felt wonderful to have a few minutes back in DC. And it felt good to land in Hometown to see my parents pick us up and know that Husband's parents would be here the next day for a two day trip.


Family Snodgrass said...

:) It was so good to have you here!

Family Snodgrass said...

:) It was so good to have you here!