Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pink Bath

Come on down the long hall to the back of the house. The pink bathroom with double sinks sits as a beacon of femininity for our two daughters. I have mentioned before that all of my homes have had pink baths. 

My first pink bath was in Milledgeville and I went totally '50s in it with a pink water pitcher and basin mounted on the wall. My second pink bath was in my condo and was a teeny tiny half bath- It had a hand towel and a candle. No decor. Now my third pink bath... that one was awesome. I convinced Husband on one of his few days off to tape the walls and paint chocolate brown stripes. We were newly weds. He has since learned better. I had three brown bud vases and a brown damask shower curtain. Husband built a beautiful frame and mounted it to the big mirror on the wall. A brown monogram on ecru Irish linen hand towels completed the room and the pink tile was merely a blip accenting the loveliness. We washed dishes in that sink after parties and washed babies after messes and diapers. I loved that pink bath.

And now we have our fourth pink bathroom and are over it. I am tired of being creative and was ready to take a sledge hammer to it. Husband showed me the budget and voted me down. I stamped my feet. All he had to do was point to the bottom line with one question, "Where is it going to come from?"


My Viking kitchen appliances look an awful lot like the French drains in the backyard and my landscaping looks almost identical to those beautiful new windows in the living and dining room. 

What do you do though, right? 

This is something that I am getting used to.

First, a disclaimer-- it's hard to take good pictures in a bathroom. It's really hard to take good pictures in a bathroom of a bathroom. This is me asking for forgiveness. 

Disclaimer aside, we replaced the light fixtures that everyone told me not to replace. I heard more than once that they were, "Easily $800 a piece and are juh-ssss-tah gore-ja-sas" (that would be 'just gorgeous' if you can't read Southern). Guess what? I didn't like them. I liked them well enough, and I liked them outside of the pink bathroom- but in the pink bathroom ... with the pink tile... and the pink countertop... notsomuch. So, I pulled them off the wall and found these $237 light fixtures (um, that would be e-a-c-h) for $43. SCHWING! I love a bargain!

The shower curtain has grosgrain ribbon in a horizontal stripe and it screams preppy-mcPrepster to me. I had dreams of making a matching trash can with grosgrain ribbon and a glue gun, but I burned myself one too many times trying to make some bows for LMC and that idea got tossed out the window with the bows and the band-aid wrappers.

We updated the sinks and faucets and threw out those old pink sinks that reminded me of the dyed-to-match wedding shoes. My dad tried to tell me that I should save them for another project. I told him that I still had two yellow sinks and a tan sink if I needed colorful sinks in the future. I could see his little mouse on his little wheelie spinning as he thought about coming back and hijacking them off the trash pile. 

He didn't. 

Both me and Mom thanked him.

We still need a window treatment and I am holding out for a piece of art to hang over our pink throne.  But for now, it works.

Some things never change.

 Don't you worry, though-- we still have the pink toilet. That sucker isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I told Husband we will be replacing the yellow toilet before we replace the pink one.

I draw the line. 


Anonymous said...

I know a good plumber!! LOL

Wanting What I Have said...

Pa-lease hook me up with the old sconces. I agree they're "juh-ssss-tah gore-ja-sas!" And kudos to you for going with what you love! Btw-I am loving the paper. :)

Wanting What I Have said...

Pa-lease hook me up with the old sconces. I agree they're "juh-ssss-tah gore-ja-sas!" And kudos to you for going with what you love! Btw-I am loving the paper. :)